Kitteh contest: An unknown Florentine cat

March 21, 2012 • 12:31 pm

Reader Frank from Denmark posted a picture and story about a cat that doesn’t belong to him, but one encountered on his travels.  This entry came in last December.

As a regular reader of your blog* I have become aware of your love of cats. This week I am visiting the beautiful Italian city of Florence and today, while on my way to the lovely Palazzo Pitti, I came across this cat in the Boboli Gardens. It had parked itself on a wooden bench and was enjoying the bit of sunshine we were having today. It didn’t seemed to mind me approaching it and gave me (what I would like to believe) an approving purr.

Funny really. I spent most of the day looking at at these marvelous renaissance paintings and sculptures, but at the end of the day this turns out to be one of my favourite pictures!


*JAC: an obvious typo

10 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: An unknown Florentine cat

  1. Happy to say that if appearances are anything to go by ‘Unknown of Florence’ does not go hungry. Reminds me of a holiday in Halkidiki, Greece – beautiful place and many hungry cats. My wife was walking across the hotel garden eating a banana. Cats approached en masse; surrounded by about a dozen hungry felines, wife paniced, dropped banana and fled. Cats descend on and devour said banana in seconds, cartoon piranha style.

      1. “Cats descend on and devour said banana in seconds, cartoon ***piranha*** style.”

        Where they Athos’ monk-tribe dark black cats then?

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