44 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. I’d stick my neck out, but heh, you can’t fool me. As soon as I found it, it is no longer hidden, so I can’t have found it. It’s sort of a Zen thing.

  2. Forget about the hidden giraffe. If you turn the picture upside down you will see between the giraffe’s front right leg and its belly a clear portrait of the Holy Ghost (in a Munch-like scream pose). Miracle!

    1. Actually, there are two cats in the kitteh’s fur if you look a little closer. Hint: it’s to the left of the letter “C”…

  3. Cute.

    Can anyone see a faint outline of the Three Wise Men? (hint – the pathetic underbelly of humanity) 😛

    1. I think it could be better done if the letters were outlined by the splotches.


      PS. Now “subscribe” doesn’t seem to be working…

        1. Hmm… I’m getting updates now. But they were going astray for a while there… maybe there was a washing machine involved…


  4. A dirty trick. I was looking for an actual giraffe for almost 10 min. Then I slouched back in my chair, “relaxed my eyes” and there it was.

  5. Well, the instructions were not written properly. It should have said: “Find the hidden ‘GIRAFFE'”. But, as usual in riddles, they throw off the trail.

  6. Now if all animals and plants came with their name already showing, would that be acceptable evidence for an Intelligent Designer?

  7. Remind me again why I registered with WordPress. Now it insists I login each time I post and to top it off, tells me I do not have permission to access the dashboard and so throws my comment away.

    Not amused.

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