Doonesbury 6

March 17, 2012 • 5:11 am

Today’s Doonesbury is the last in Garry Trudeau’s parody of the Texas ultrasound-before-abortion law.

The Washington Post Entertainment section summarizes many of the week’s kerfuffles around the cartoon, including a video of Rachel Maddow’s reaction and an animated video by the Taiwanese news spoof site “Next Media Animation” (below) showing Trudeau as an action hero promulgating his views.

(Be sure to click on the Slate link to give Trudeau “click credit”.)

The video from Taiwan:

3 thoughts on “Doonesbury 6

  1. It’s time the GOP got their heads out of their butts & tried to do something constructive — like requiring access to birth control methods through insurance, as called for by Ms Fluke.

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