Kitteh contest: Sosa

March 13, 2012 • 8:32 am

Reader Ken, a fellow biologist, sends a story and photo about Sosa, a name you’ll recognize if you follow baseball or live in Chicago:

I’m a fellow evolutionary ecologist.  I recently discovered and greatly enjoy your blog. [JAC: Ceci n’est pas un blog.] And we share a love of cats as well.  So after reading that you welcome cat photos I have attached a few here.  As a Chicago native, (for my B-day my mother sent us a Portillo’s beef package (Al’s Beef doesn’t deliver to my town as far as I can tell).  Sosa seemed to find the most appropriate place to lie down.

We picked Sosa up from a shelter in Oct 2003 and named her after one of the heroes of a ill-fated playoff run by the Chicago Cubs.  Sammy’s reputation went downhill afterward, while Sosa has only filled our house with immense joy.  She is the most expressive cat we’ve ever been around with a wonderful and trusting demeanor, as well as curious, outgoing and a magnet for the camera.  This explains how she found the perfect pose (in her own mind, I’m sure) next to the delivery box from Portillo’s beef.  In retrospect I think she adopted us rather than the other way around.  On the day we first visited the shelter and approached the pen where she was being kept she sat on the other side of the fence with a look on her face like “Where have you been?  I’ve been waiting for you”.  We’ve given her the best home we can ever since then.

I’m told that Sosa did not get any of that beef.

9 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Sosa

  1. Great story about Sosa. BTW – our cats LOVE raw beef, and other raw meats – along with balanced cat food. (We feed our dogs and cats a barf diet).
    Lucky cat to be rescued by such caring people!

  2. That’s too bad she didn’t get any Portillo’s. Mr Merlyn always gets a little piece of any ribeye that comes home.

    Nice looking girl. Hurray for Sosa & Ken!

    1. So in looking for his cat he found a deep hole with something metallic at the bottom of it? A UFO (Unidentified Fallen Object?) I think I’d be kinda cautious about dropping large objects down on it just in case it fell out of an aircraft about 70 years ago…

  3. Jerry’s blogging denialism is cute and a little bizarre at the same time. It’s as if Magritte had written Ceci n’est pas une peinture on the painting.

    Anyway, very cute kitteh. That second picture is adorable.

  4. That first picture – I always think the most striking cat pictures are where their pupils are just a millimetre wide. They just look so other-worldly. Stunning good looks there Sosa.

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