Cat shoes!

March 12, 2012 • 2:00 pm

From designer Kobi Levi, and ensconced in his Virtual Shoe Museum, comes this spiffy little number, the Miao:

Isn’t that soigné?  Just the ticket for your next lab Christmas party!

Go have a look to see lots of amazing, two-of-a-kind shoes, some so salacious that I can’t post them here.  One that I can is “banana“:

And here’s the “toucan”:

For the caninophiles there are dog shoes, but I ain’t showing them.

34 thoughts on “Cat shoes!

    1. Darn, I tried a strikethrough on “blog”. My comment just isn’t as humorous as it was meant to be…

    2. No worries about that. You won’t see me defending Catholicism or using four-letter words to make myself look cool.

    3. Ceiling cat did the strikethrough for you. Maybe I’m divine after all, though I’m not pseudonymous.

  1. With this line-up you can not only pussy-foot around town, but for the more festive evenings you can either slip on a banana, or meet that special friend and you toucan tango.

  2. Unlike the boots shown some time ago these “shoes” are a pain to wear.
    Have a try, dear Jerry!
    Dare to enhance your male life experience into the torture women often are compelled to wear BECAUSE there is little else.
    I usually stop myself before I make demands for penal laws, but designers of mass wear should be forced by law to wear each of their “creations” for at least 10 hours at a time and to use public transport for the first and last hour doing so.
    (some remarks at Greta Christina´s and another of the women new on freethoughtblogs about female clothing are useful, too).

      1. But … are they available in men’s sizes? They look just the thing for wearing to fly out to my oil rig.
        I don’t see any cephalopod-themed shoes there. Your esteemed squidly colleague PJ will feel soooo left out.

    1. Dare to enhance your male life experience into the torture women often are compelled to wear BECAUSE there is little else.

      You are bordering on the ridiculous here. Don’t wear shoes you don’t like. Contrary to your claim there are plenty of shoes available for females that are comfortable.

      1. My wife usually buys men’s shoes because the women’s section at the usual shoe stores has about a billion of the most uncomfortable looking or ridiculous fashions and a few tennis shoes that still aren’t very comfortable or only available in pink. So, I have to say her claim isn’t that far off. I don’t know why women in the 21st century still wear heels, but I’m sure it doesn’t have much to do with male oppression either.

    2. Oh dear. Do women need men to allow us to wear comfy shoes now too? We are in a bad way, aren’t we? No wonder some men still think of us as feeble. Some of us do a terribly good job of reinforcing the impression on occasion.

        1. By ‘dog heels’ do you mean those gorgeous doggy shoes in the link? If so, I’d LOVE to wear them! And if I did, it would be a choice I would make all by my ickle female self. Aren’t I brave? 😉

          PS. It pains me to say it, but even I have to admit the cat shoes are even better than the dog ones. Both outclassed by the toucans, though!

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