12 thoughts on “Snoring hummingbird!

  1. Awwwww…..

    I’m amazed that its respiration rate is so slow. Is that part of the nightly hummingbird hibernation we’ve heard so much about?


  2. Amazing the little guy is sleeping through that racket and the lights. Must be hibernation of some sort. Wondering how a critter like that can survive such a state in the jungles of Peru. Wow. Just wow.

    1. Aha. I got smart, and visited the Youtube post where there’s ample explanation of the noise. (they are measuring oxygen uptake, the noise is less than it seems but amplified unnaturally by the camera, and the birdie is in near-torpor, getting ready to wake up.)

  3. If all dormouses and hummingbirds snore, then I wonder why the behavior wasn’t selected away. “Alert! Alert! Unconscious tasty morsel nearby!”

  4. this bird is so tinny and it’s so amazing. where can we see it? i think it would ve great if we have vibram five fingers to go around.

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