Caturday felid: In-bread cats

February 25, 2012 • 3:11 am

Okay, this is the only cat meme I know that’s based on population genetics.  Some wiseacre got the idea of making an “in-bread cat” by jamming a moggie’s head through a slice of bread.  It took off, and now we have dozens of these things: see Gawker’s piece “Breading has jumped the shark“, “Hot new internet meme: breading cats“, and “Best pictures of breaded cats.”

Here are a few:

Siamese cats, with their contrasting faces, are particularly attractive when breaded:

And we can’t forget the floury comestible of our Hispanic friends:

There’s also a Facebook page, of course.

If you really must, bread your cat and send it to me. I’ll post a few, Ceiling Cat help me. . .

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