Moar proof of Ceiling Cat!

February 13, 2012 • 9:17 am

First in the distant reaches of space, and now on the very shores of Earth’s seas: Ceiling Cat is everywhere.  Here, contributed by alert reader Janice Cornforth, is yet another spotting of The Holy Felid, this time in a pattern of sand balls deposited by Malaysian hermit crabs as they dig their burrows (see “The crabs that build their own galaxy” at The Ark in Space website).

Check it out:

And be sure to have a gander at the other pictures on that page.

Praise Him, from whom all noms flow. Amen.

18 thoughts on “Moar proof of Ceiling Cat!

  1. Hmmm… looks like the flying spaghetti monster to me! Though I expect it is good friends with ceiling cat, from whom all noms flow…

  2. Praize Ceilin Cat, frum whom all blesins flow;
    Praize Him, all creaturez her below;
    Praize Him aboov, ye heavenly host;
    Praize Fathr, Son, an Holy Ghost.

    1. I watched crabs that made similar small balls of sand on a beach in Costa Rica. They’d scrape sand into a pellet in their mouth area and apparently “nibble” out algae or other small organic bits and then drop the ball and begin forming another. In the photo you can see the scrape areas adjacent the lines of abandoned food balls.

      1. Very cool, thanks! I’ve seen a few crabs on a few beaches in C.R. but certainly don’t remember these balls. Hope I get another chance to observe them some day…

  3. Clearly an anthropomorphic fox standing on its hind legs in a combat pose with a sword in his left arm resting on his left shoulder.

    Maybe I’ve seen one too many Japanese cartoons, though.

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