24 thoughts on ““Only a theory” redux

  1. One of my favorite rebuttals for “evolution is only a theory” is to tell the person making that statement to hold a bowling ball over one of their feet and let it go because gravity is only a theory.

  2. Gravity due to curvature of space is a theory, but if you dangle and wiggle a string that’s about three inches long, the cat will draw blood. Whatever that is, law, theory, fact…. I’d like to see you prove me wrong.

    1. Thank you for ‘intelligent falling’. I usually use gravity for the ‘just-theory’ discussions, (which is unjust).

  3. Older readers may remember the “Physics of Cartoon Cats” article that appeared in the National Lampoon about 40 years ago. For example, a cat that has run off the edge of a cliff will not fall until it looks down.

  4. When the religious apologists say to me that evolution is still only a theory I reply by which dictionary definition are you quoting? I then continue with, let’s not forget that the bible is still only a story.
    However one might wish to consider theories and facts proof is the bottom line. Truth is not something that someone wrote down at one time or another. The path to truth is the continual testing of facts based on new information as it emerges. I can think of no proofs relating to religion. They proclaim faith as the bedrock of belief. Faith and belief without proof is scurrilous. In this 21st century and with all the proven scientific discoveries advanced civilisation still allows superstition to interfere in world affairs.

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