Doonesbury on creationism

February 8, 2012 • 12:59 pm

Today’s Doonesbury is a hoot.  The man is, thank Ceiling Cat, fiercely pro-evolution.  Click to enlarge!

Bonus: I got Trudeau’s permission to reproduce his famous “antibiotic resistance/creationism” cartoon (click the link!) for a book review I did for Nature, and he autographed it for me!

h/t: Wendy

21 thoughts on “Doonesbury on creationism

    1. Next up, myAntivaxx™:

      How needles pokes holes in the immune system and lets autism out. Only $19.99, plastic action figure of Wakefield included.

  1. This is particularly good – I credit the comics for helping me learn to read (both English as a small kid and Swedish as a post-doc). Conclusion: Doonesbury will at least seed doubts re. creationism in a few young heads well before highschool biology (assuming they even get to evolution in HS biology).

  2. Oh man, that longer one on your book review page is really, really good and cutting on so many levels. Hail Trudeau!

  3. Phthisiologist- the study of tuberculosis. What a great word! (See the stamp for Edward Trudeau).



  4. ‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.’ (attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan)

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