Kitteh contest: Delilah

February 7, 2012 • 8:09 am

Reader Joe J. submits what he claims is a very malicious cat, Delilah.  Be sure to click on the links in his story:

I present Delilah, “The She Devil”  Don’t let that befuddled look fool you: she’s a terror on four paws! [JAC: What about the hind paws?]

Both the avian and rodent populations live in fear.  Pure Malevolence!

She started out my daughter’s kitteh at the University of Oregon, but due to the landlord, and one of her roommates’ general allergy to kittehs, Delilah came to live with me in Portland, Oregon.  She also is the bane of my other Kitteh, “Mr Spud,” who is not so  photogenic due to lethargic behaviour. He lives in hiding, only coming out long enough to stretch and sharpen his claws.

13 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Delilah

        1. “Bear” is correct in this case, in the sense that you carry (bear) the scars.

          Unless you’re trying to say that every day you take off your clothes in order to reveal (bare) the scars.

  1. What wonderful photos!

    How long have Delilah & Mr. Spud been (sort of) co-existing? (I ask because I have an anti-feline-social cat ATM; I’m hoping you’ll say, “not long. Things are improving.”)

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