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    1. Except that it’s over the heads of those it’s aimed at. But that would probably apply to anything similarly aimed.

  1. Did you notice that Mo is holding his beer in his left hand ?

    According to Islam Today:

    The left hand is used by a person to clean up filth, wash himself after going to the bathroom, and other similar activities.

    The right hand is used for clean practices like eating and shaking hands.

    It is not permissible to eat with the left hand. Whoever does so has engaged in something unlawful and has committed a sin.

    This shares similarities with the Catholic conundrum of whether it is more sinful for a priest to rape a child with or without a condom. The pope is hard at work on this question and will be issuing an encyclical any day now.

    1. why Mo has the beer in his left hand:

      because it would be too hard to draw it in his right hand with the tap in the middle of the picture.

      which is also why Jesus has his in his right hand.

      that’s it.

  2. The whole strip is spectatularly minimalist. You have a near-endless stream of highly amusing commentaries on religion, yet in many cases the only thing that changes is the quote bubbles.

  3. A perfect, excrutiatingly exact summary of the cretinous position taken by the LSESU. The allegation of racism towards the ASH, clear for all to see, would be defamatory if it wasn’t worded with such gutless passive-aggressiveness.

  4. I just discovered Jesus and Mo (thanks to this thread), and lost an hour of my time. It is brilliant! If the current J&M causes offence to some delicate religious psyches, the early ones would send them right through the roof. I’ll just link to one of the milder ones that I liked (which is really about Intelligent Design, not that the faithful would notice the distinction):

    Oh, and I can’t resist this one:
    I once spent half an hour with all my workshop tools trying to husk a coconut. I agree with Jesus 100%.

    1. re: the coconut – me too. (I lived for a year in Hawaii w/ a coconut palm in the backyard)

      Then I watched a Hawaiian local demonstrate husking a coconut in a second. (half a second per side, two swift motions) His tool? A sharpened wooden stake stuck in the ground.

      1. Yep, that’s how my wife’s cousins all do it. They make it look easy, but I think it probably takes much practice to learn the exact right angle and force to slam the coconut onto the stake with.

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