19 thoughts on “What the books get up to at night

  1. Not what I expected at all. I expected the war histories to march, the children’s boks to play, the wargame books to go to the computer, the cookbooks to go out back for a fry-up, and the sex books….

  2. I’ve done some stop motion anaimation back in super-8mm days. Do you realize how much work and time is involved in doing that short and fairly simple video?

  3. That’s a really well-choreographed video.

    I do know the shop. My wife and I frequent the park across the street, known for the albino squirrel population. Type is a great indie store, full of interesting picks and stacks of new books. The neon chandelier in the window has been there since the beginning, if I recall.

  4. Small independent bookstores in Toronto are becoming a rarety, but this place is a classic. In the 80’s could you walk down Queen Street West and pass 20 bookstores but high rents and less readers did them in.

    Jerry, hope you come to Hogtown sometime in the near future. It would be great to see you speak live. I became a fan and a Gnu Atheist after I watched you on Television Ontario a number of years back.


    1. Probably the same TVO show that send me over to Jerrys web site. I was well on the road to atheism but did not realize how many fellow travellers were out there.

      Ditto on the request for a Toronto appearance. I’m sure CFI Ontario would be interested in having Prof. Coyne as a speaker.

  5. The books in my house are always being rearranged. Might have something to do with 2 kittehs channeling their inner librarian…

  6. My apologies to Matthew, saw this post half-awake this morning and thought it was Jerry. Very cool, none-the-less.


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