Readers’ wildlife photos

December 29, 2011 • 1:12 pm

Reader Ivar Husa identifies himself as a “novice bird photographer,” but he’s contributed some great bird shots.  Here are three, and for those interested in the equipment, he adds, “The camera was a Canon T2i, with a Canon 100-400mm lens, with 1.4x  teleconverter (560mm).”

Anna’s hummingbird (Calypte anna):

White-tailed kite (Elanus leuceurus)

Loggerhead shrike (Lanius ludovicianus):

23 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. In this household, Anna’s hummingbirds are sometimes called “flying hamburgers”. They tend to be rotund, at least as far as a hummingbird can be so.

    Feisty little critters that could easily teach any sailor a thing or two about profanity.

    1. Feisty little critters that could easily teach any sailor a thing or two about profanity.

      HaHa, very nice. Most apt for my ruby-throats as well.

    1. I myself was wondering where Ivar resides or took these pictures. White shoulder kites are not especially common, the only place I’ve seen them is on “the farm,” (aka Stanford University). Shrikes and hummingbirds are also found there.

      1. I’m betting these came from So. Cal., probably near the coast. Though the shrike might be from the desert. Notice the introd. Australian acacia the kite is in — those are mostly near the sea.

        I just saw two kites day before yesterday near Long Beach. They’re not common.

  2. Very good. The trouble is getting close which long lenses are good at, but they are expensive. Maybe I will submit one of my feeble efforts from the holidays!

  3. Novice, Ivar? You’re too modest. The Anna’s is lovely, but I particularly favor the White-tailed Kite–a longtime favorite of mine, which I’ve never been able to photograph anywhere near this well.

  4. Wow, those are great!
    In the summer some friends of ours got married at Harewood House near Leeds (England) & the whole day there was a group of about 6 red kites flying around, it was amazing. Wish Ivar had been on hand to get some shots of those!

    1. Nice picture! The lens is heavy, for sure, but such is the price for quality, I believe. A prime lens might be lighter.

        1. Equipment is nice, but when it comes to shots like yours (& Ivar’s), it’s more about the photographer than the tools.

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