15 thoughts on “A bug

    1. Pretty much the same. There’s really not a wide range of color here. Substitute the predominantly-white shades with white and the darker shades with black. The pattern is still pretty much identical to what we see in this image. Also, it has been proved that most bugs and especially most animals are, in fact, not color-blind. They simply see different ranges of the spectrum than we do, some smaller, some larger, some drastically offset (ultra-violet, infrared, etc; mostly in the case of insects).

  1. what is even more impressive is that the bug KNOWS what to hide on to be camouflaged. further proof of evolution. If that bug was hiding on a piece of obsidian, I’m guessing that his camo wouldn’t be as effective!

  2. It’s hardly perfectly camouflaged – I can see it quite readily, but it is camouflaged as well as nature can make it – that’s one of the reasons we can be sure it evolved and was not designed….

      1. But that’s only because of the fall. Predators were all vegetarians before Eve betrayed mankind and every animal that is not at the top of a food chain. The ones with the really big teeth needed them to eat coconuts.

        Just what the plants did to deserve being eaten by herbivores and carnivores alike, I couldn’t guess. I could make something up though, like they are what some fallen angels got turned into after they rebelled against the creator. The creator that made them what they were, knowing that they would rebel.

        Btw, is there a consensus amongst the sects as to when the rebellion happened? Before or after God said it was good and rested?

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