Readers’ tributes to Hitchens: Part 4

December 21, 2011 • 5:26 am

I am still getting tributes, and we’ll have them for several more days.

The first is a lovely piece of art by Mark Friedman. Biologists will recognize Darwin’s branching “tree of life” (the first one ever drawn) atop the ruined church. The “I think” (as in Darwin’s original) is apposite.

Please see attached  a piece of art I created inspired by Hitch. The talent lacks, but the composition speaks for itself.

Here’s one of two cat-themed tributes we have, this one by Diane G.

From Nathan Dummett:

A bit late and far from original (a copy of a copy) here’s a couple of pics from earlier this evening, a night spent in a way Hitchens would approve.

A drawing from Ms. Simi:

With my deepest condolences to Christopher Hitchens’ family, friends and fans. Perhaps my drawing can convey the image imprinted in my mind as my tribute to him. Being an avid NPR listener, it was during my daily ritual – while getting ready for work-that I would often hear Christopher Hitchens’ voice being interviewed; but now I have sadly come to find out about the man and the face behind the voice. What a great loss!

At the behest of his wife, “Madscutter” had his picture taken as a tribute, with a link to his website.  She writes:

My husband had already decided to buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker tonight in honor of Hitchens when I read your post about the memorial.  He is pretty broken up about this (which is apparent in the post he made in our blog today, and even though he absolutely despises having his picture taken, he didn’t hesitate when I told him “you have to do this”.

11 thoughts on “Readers’ tributes to Hitchens: Part 4

  1. Reading all of the tributes (and some anti-tributes) to Hitchens has made an impression on me. Last night, I had a dream that I was talking to Hitchens. It was a brief exchange in which I told him of my initial, rather unfavourable impression of him in the early 1980s which nevertheless became somewhat more favourable as I read his various writings and saw him in action in debates and discussions. In the dream, he looked like his former healthy self.

    1. You might want to react to George Galloway’s blog about Hitchens. I read it over breakfast, and it completely took my appetite away.

    1. He had esophageal cancer.
      His smoking and drinking probably (we cannot know for sure) did contribute to his cancer but he may have also had some genetic predisposition since his father died of the same condition.

      1. Was his father a smoker and/or drinker too? I don’t recall ever learning there’s a genetic component in esophageal cancer.

        Alcohol, when consumed to excess, is a carcinogen. Many alcoholics develop multiple types of cancer over the years. Smoking is another major risk factor.

  2. Jerry, thank you for pulling these together. And thanks to all who contribute. They are wonderful. The faint and subtle “reflection” of Hitch to the right of Madscutter is especially poignant.

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