Readers’ tributes to Hitchens: Part 2

December 19, 2011 • 4:41 am

Geoff Porter submitted an original drawing, which he wrote about here.

 From Jacques:

By the time I remembered that I wanted to take photographs for this purpose, both myself and all other potential photographers had consumed too much Johnny Black for competence. This one’s the best of the lot, though, taken with friends around a table which has witnessed 8 or so years of debate and argument. The T-Shirt, cut off, is a Bukowski line that reads “Sometimes, you’ve just got to pee in the sink” – a bit déclassé for Hitch, perhaps, but that night it was a reminder of his courage, which we’re all poorer for no longer having around. I’ve also posted my own piece in memoriam.

From Heber Gurrola:

From Doug Preston, who lives in Calgary, Canada:

He’ll be missed.

And from Michael Bouchard, from Denver:

This is exactly how myself and two friends left the table last night after our own tribute to Hitch. Amber Restorative in the foreground and in the back you can see The Quotable Hitchens. We would just open at random and read. Our conversation never lagged and we left a “ruined table”, the way Hitch would have wanted it, I think.

And a bonus video of the lion in winter: a best-of-Hitchens compilation posted just four days ago. It’s a good one—see the exchange at 19:03 about accommodationism and especially the wonderful finale that begins at 20:32.

7 thoughts on “Readers’ tributes to Hitchens: Part 2

  1. These are really nice photos, and the drawing is superb! And hey, who hasn’t pissed in the sink? It’s one of the few things you can do, never confess, and get away with it.. haha

    Andrew Sullivan has a nice long thread in memoriam of Hitch over at The Atlantic.

  2. Heber Gurrola’s pic shows Black Jack which Hitchens would never have drunk…it’s not scotch plus it tastes awful.

  3. From Geoff Porter’s linked encomium:

    I don’t think anything Hitchens said educated me much about how meaning, purpose, and afterlife only seemed to be true because my brain was really good at rationalizing the world into what I wanted it to be. I’m sure I owe much more of that to Dennett or Shermer or podcasts like Luke Muehlhauser’s. But I do distinctly remember the moment it really hit me. It was only about a year ago, it was in this Vanity Fair article by Hitchens discussing his new experiences as a public sufferer of cancer, and the exact words were:

    “…I don’t have a body, I am a body.”

    Thanks, Geoff! For some reason, I love that.

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