Cat Tebows!

December 14, 2011 • 8:35 am

I’ll try not to overwork the new meme of Tebowing (unless readers want to send in pictures of themselves engaged in this gesture of obeisance), but how could I resist a public display of kitteh religiosity? It’s from the Tebowing website, where the photographer adds, ““Woke up on florida/GA game day to my cat tebowing.”

I think he’s praying for noms rather than victory.

27 thoughts on “Cat Tebows!

  1. I think he’s praying for noms rather than victory.

    To be honest, and knowing what I know about cats, it looks to me more like he’s just come up for air after licking his bits!


  2. P’shaw. Ceiling Cat doesn’t care about football any more than Yahweh does. How do I know this? Consider: Although there are three NFL teams named after cats (the Bengals, Panthers, and Jaguars), none of them have ever won a Superbowl.

  3. I may start Tebow-flecting if the GOP takes back the White House, since there won’t be much to do about anything after that.

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