Caturday felids: classic album covers kittified

December 3, 2011 • 4:50 am

The Kitten Covers, a creation of artist Alfra Martini, gives an awesome selection of classic album covers—reimagined with kittens (go to the site for moar). Here are my favorites:


I love the Garfunkel cat, so true to the original album:

Alfra explains her art:

Obviously music is a great passion. We’ve got thousands of vinyl records in our collection here at the AHE house in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and of course, we have a little kitty named Lois, whom we rescued from the street. I also have a huge rock poster collection, because I’ve always been fascinated by rock n’ roll iconography. It can be at the same time so freakin’ hip and so silly! With kittens in the mix, well, it just amplifies this dichotomy, wouldn’t you say? Anyhow, The Kitten Covers just happened one day when staying home while recuperating from a cold. I’ve worked both in graphics and in vintage poster restoration, so I’m a freak about details. And since I have very little free time, I’ve learned to work fast. I was hoping to make some friends laugh but had no idea how popular The Kitten Covers would become. I’ve seen other “alternative cover” concepts done with tacos and legos, but frankly, I’m a little surprised no one’s done kitties before. After seeing the finished products, they just seem so … inevitable, no?

16 thoughts on “Caturday felids: classic album covers kittified

  1. The Spousal Unit turned me on to this a couple of months ago, but there were only a few covers at the time. I especially like the T-Rex, Dylan and Clash covers. It’s pretty funny to see a kitteh smashing a guitar. I’d like to see “Who’s next”.

      1. I only have one Spousal Equivalent Unit (SEU), so I’d guess, um, fixed? But we travel a lot, so she could be considered International as well…

  2. This obsession with domestic felines concerns me. Not that I find cephalopods any more endearing, but at least I’ve never encountered an octopus using my garden as a toilet. Or eating my frogs, toads or newts (I call them “my”, because I consider my garden to be my personal fiefdom, and all wildlife therein my subjects.)

    1. This comment comes close to trolling. It’s irrelevant to the post and calculated to highjack the thread. If you don’t like Caturdays, go elsewhere.

        1. You’re just a little bit too good at parodying the infamous kitteh/cephalopod atheist-scientist rift being exacerbated by certain blogs that shall here remain nameless. You can question science, if you can support your premise, but there is no possible support for kitteh-bashing. FWIW, based on your previously demonstrated sense of humor, I was pretty sure you were kidding.

          1. Oh dear – Rule 34 raises it’s unbelievably ugly head.
            Until this moment, I was barely aware of a “kitteh-cephalopod” disagreement. Now I’m imagining Kitteh-Cephalopod conflict.
            And verily, even if Photoshop is involved, there shall be Kitteh-Cephalopod inter-racial porn.
            Sorry. I didn’t invent Rule 34.

              1. I rarely go the the dark squid-ink side!

                Actually thought I was the only DEVO fan! I recall buying their first album in 1978 I suppose, along with the first Suicide album, & the guy in the record shop in Norwich said “Ah, a man of the moment!” I suppose it was a mild insult but I was – am – flattered!

  3. I thought I should pass on a remark from a letter to Viz, a satirical comic in England:

    Has anyone else noticed that if you put your thumb over Paul Simon’s face on the Simon & Garfunkel Album “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, that it gives Art Garfunkel a huge Cossack moustache?

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