My Christmas wish list

November 30, 2011 • 5:45 am

Perhaps Santa will bring me one of these, which I badly want, or perhaps an alert readers can find where this can be bought.  It was from the Feministe website, which also couldn’t locate the item.

Can you spot Judas Cat at the Last Nomz?

And there’s one error: HappyCat was not a tabby, but a gray shorthair; they seem to have gotten him mixed up with Joseph.

h/t: John S.

38 thoughts on “My Christmas wish list

    1. That’s the first thing which pops up in Google image search, which is very useful in situations like this.

      1. Strangely enough I’d just finished drinking a can of Idris Ginger Beer a few minutes before reading this. It’s a sign from Ceiling Cat.

        P.S. That’s not rhyming slang.

  1. You are joking?
    Aren’t you?

    Just in case not:

    Ok, it’s a tea towel not a plate, but it will do less damage if you throw it at a cat I suppose! 😉

    Seems the original artwork was a spoof advert in Viz comic – but they went on to actually manufacture a few of them in real “Armitage Shanks Urinal Quality” porcelain.


    1. NO! Ceiling Cat (a red tabby) is the God part of the Kitteh Trinity, and the Jesus part is Happycat, a gray shorthair,sometimes called Jebus. See here for proof.

      The third part of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost equivalent, is called Seethru Kitteh.

      1. Sorry, my comment wasn’t clear: if Ceiling Cat was really Wall Cat, then how can we be confident in what scripture says about HappyCat? I’m just saying. Preys Jebus.

      2. Happy Cat is not just an ordinary grey shorthair, he is a classic blue British Shorthair. And very handsome, too, sez Merlyn.

        1. If you didn’t already think the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus was a bullshit story, just watch that clip.

          “I require blood! The Dark Magic compels it! Because of … TRADITION!”

  2. The cattle are lowing, teh kitteh awakes,
    But little kitteh no crying he makes.

    I love teh, little kitteh!
    Look down from teh sky,
    And stay by my side until morning is nigh.

    1. There is a mediaeval or Tudor joke – ‘What manner of beast is it that hath its head between its legs? Why that is a cat when it licketh its arse”.

  3. I am relieved that the crucified cat has a loincloth to cover its naughty bits. Much less offensive – one really would not wish to see a naked crucified cat.

    1. You’ve got it exactly backwards, I’m afraid.

      This is cats mocking religion — cats using their divine powers of inspired cynicism to demonstrate just how pathetic Christianity really is.



  4. Everyone is very focused on the plate/tea towel, but I can’t get past the need to break some bad news about Santa and atheist Jews: my wife insists Santa loves everyone, but it sure looks like her handwriting on my Xmukkah gifts …

    1. Are you suggesting your wife is a fat, jolly little old elf? I’m not sure that’s something she wants advertised…not that there’s anything worng with that….


  5. Can you spot Judas Cat at the Last Nomz?

    I vaguely recall hearing he’s the only one not looking at Happy Cat. Which would make him the siamese-looking fellow second on the right from Happy.

  6. The message across the top can be easily misread:

    “Very few discerning people will ever own The Life of Christ in Cats.”

    Jill, who added “I want to be one of them” might have misread it herself and thought that she was labeling herself as a discerning person.

    But if “discerning” means “showing insight and understanding”, then the message essentially says “Very few people who show insight and understanding will ever own The Life of Christ in Cats”, which implies that the picture will appeal mostly to those who lack insight and understanding.

  7. Jerry, Viz has had some blinding anti-religious comic strips over the years. They don’t put them on their website but I can send you a scan or two if you’re interested? A while ago they gave me permission to send them to a well known website for wider viewing but unfortunately nothing came of it. If you’d like to see them I can forward some and if you want I can get back in touch with them to see if it’s still OK for someone to post them up.

  8. If you’re going to post items from Viz I hope you’ll include some Sid The Sexist cartoons. It would be so interesting to see the usual suspects swooning onto the fainting couches shortly before the Internet League Of Heroes rises up with a righteous crusade.

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