Jesus appears in a dog butt

November 18, 2011 • 2:39 pm

by Matthew Cobb

We are all used to seeing The Saviour pop up on pieces of toast, but this visitation surely takes the dog-biscuit. Why would an all-powerful being choose to reveal themselves in such a way (and place)? The ways of the Lord are mysterious indeed…

I was pointed to this photo at this hispanic site. Other sources are available, no doubt. And if you Google ‘Jesus dog arse’ (or ‘butt’) you’ll find several others. Photoshop may have been involved, but you know, you probably don’t want to look too closely.

45 thoughts on “Jesus appears in a dog butt

  1. This raises some uncomfortable questions about the dog owners themselves, namely, under what circumstances did they discover this phenomenon?

  2. 1) I smell (!) photoshop – it looks more symmetrical than animal parts tend to be.

    2) Though I have not much experience with dogs’ nether regions, I have one kitteh with medium long hair with a fine undercoat, especially on his belly, and he keeps getting knots/mats. Unfortunately, while he loves dorsal brushing, ventral is rather a challenge, so I often have to go in with scissors (and fear and trepidation).

    3) Why is a pareidolic image of a bearded man necessarily Jesus? (And a woman with a cloak must be Mary.) How do they know it isn’t Elijah, or Moses, or Noah, or Abraham, etc.

    4) I’m trying to imagine what Islamic pareidolia would be like…

    1. “How do they know it isn’t Elijah, or Moses, or Noah, or Abraham, etc.”

      It definitely isn’t Elijah. Jewish tradition is to leave an empty chair at the dinner table for him…..he ain’t ever shown.

  3. Reminds me of the old joke about the comedian doing the introductions at the podium of a convention of optometrists and who, pointing to the very large and detailed rendering of any eye on the wall behind him, said, “Well, I’m glad I’m not addressing a convention of protologists” ….

  4. I’d like to know why is a miniature Jesus floating beind a dog?

    It’s not just a face, I can see the stigmata, some feet, and the trailing ends of the angel wings.

  5. And at this moment there’s a Kashi ad (Tasty food – Kids will like!) running right under it. I wonder how their marketing dept would like that if they knew?

  6. Heard a lovely programme on Radio 4 recently, where Terry Jones was being interviewed about comic writing. He quoted at length from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Summoner’s Prologue.

    To summarise: a friar is visiting hell, but doesn’t see any other friars, he presumes they are all in heaven. An angel disabuses of this notion.

    The angel asks the Devil:

    ‘Hold up thy tail thy Satanas’ said he
    ‘Show forth thine arse and let the friar see
    Where is the nest of friars in this place!’

  7. “It wasn’t me, the dog farted.”

    How do you know?

    “I saw his asshole open”.

    Why were you looking?

    “I just happened to be looking at the dog’s asshole”.

    George Carlin

    1. Nah, that’s a castrated male. How can you miss the scrotal pouches between his legs.*

      Which, by the way seems strange coming from an Hispanic website. Too many of the Hispanic men I’ve met and heard about are much too macho to castrate their dogs. I know that’s a terrible stereotype, but that’s my experience.

      *I suppose it could also be a dog with undescended testicles.

  8. It looks real to me, and similar to other images I’ve seen of other dogs (probably of the same breed, though). Therefore, it must be a True Apparition!
    … or maybe we’re just pattern-seeking creatures.

    Also, on the Hispanic web site the caption says Jesus appears in the “Let the little children come to me” pose.


      1. To Bernard Hurley,

        I was responding to some religious nut-bug that posted a comment a couple of days ago quoting the bible, insisting we all accept jc as our saviour. It seems that my response did not end up in the correct place.

        My apologies,


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