30 thoughts on “Box sandwich Maru

  1. Oh, yes! You should have seen how cute, when my B/W Argentinian tegu, wandering around on the floor, decided to nap with my gray and white kitten by tucking his head under the kitten’s. They were so cute, together!

  2. I’ve been wondering… What do you think of a survey of atheists, their attitudes toward specific dogmatic concepts (political ones come to mind) and whether they own and prefer cats versus dogs? I notice a lot of atheists who gain my admiration also own cats. Several who’ve seemed hardnosed and biased have owned dogs. No real data, though, but even Richard Dawkins has a cat!

    1. Actually, I think Richard has a dog, but I have long maintained that the independent cat is the ideal pet for atheists, while subservient dogs are for theists.

      I expect to get pwned immediately . . .

      1. Ah, but atheists ideal pets for cats?

        On reflection, it makes sense; the only deity we would be interested in is the one that we have evidence for its existence.

        PS: I like dogs and cats. Don’t have any though, as my wife is terrified of them. We have a vegan diet, but she only likes animals “in theory.” 🙂

    2. Why is it always dogs vs. cats? I like dogs and I like cats. For that matter, I like horses, raccons, skunks, ferrets, etc., all for different reasons. I won’t comment on members of classes other than Mammalia, but I like some of them, too.

      Cats are good pets for people spend a lot of time at home. Border collies (my dogs) are good pets for people with active outdoor lives who want off-leash company and, preferably but not necessarily, have sheep. Each to his or her own. It has NOTHING to do with athiesm.

    3. True freethinkers have pets other than the two generally prescribed by society. A reptile is always a good choice. It should never be just a choice between a dog or a cat.

  3. Squee! You can just hear the thought processes going on:

    I haz moving box,
    Another box is calling,
    Free will is no more.

    Freeze the vid at 1:52.
    Caption: “Ceiling Cat will never see me here.”

  4. What is best in life?

    Cat 1: A Box?

    Wrong. Maru, what is best in life?

    Maru: having a box, then finding another box!

  5. Tangent here…. Jerry, what evolutionary advantage does the vertical pupil of a cat give it?
    AFAIK, lions and tigers have a round pupil, but our smaller friends have a…. cat’s-eye

    1. I know that vertical slit-pupils have evolved convergently in nocturnal animals of various types, but I do not know why it might be optically advantageous under dim-light conditions.

  6. Finally, the proof of evolution that creationists have been demanding: Forget crocaduck, it’s turtlecat!
    Furthermore, turtlecat is clearly sponsored by HarperCollins, indicating an imminent race with froghare (sponsored by STP).

  7. That’s it. I’ve officially become a Maruist and shall worship boxes forever. Oh, and a Maruist is a step above atheist…

  8. On the question of vertical pupils: cats have eyes that are sensitive to light, so they can see in the dark. Therefore, they need to be able to cut out more bright daylight than we do or they would be dazzled. The combination of vertical pupils and horizontal eyelids allows them to do so.

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