130 thoughts on “Caption this photo

  1. Wait…..are you telling me I gotta do this 9 times over? I assume that after 4 it’ll start to get a lil bit tedious no?

  2. ** beterz tHan a thousand wordz ~ one meow dat bringz teh tuna

    ** can ur Kharma leash teh dogma ??

    ** Teh Buddist Templetonz prize ~ imz spritchewl – can i winz teh fish ??

      1. I was going to go with karma = car, but I wasn’t sure if the UK “car” is well understood in teh states to mean automobile

        1. Actually, “car” is by far the more common term. “Automobile” is only used formally, and “auto” is only common preceding “industry” or “worker.” An auto worker might get in the car to drive to work to write a paper on the decline of the automobile industry in the American midwest.



          1. You have shattered my illusions! One of my ambitions was to travel in an auto-mobile & have a sheriff say “Step away from the vee-hickle!”

            1. Oh — well, you can probably still do that. Petty bureaucrats are everywhere inordinately fond of their own private languages.

              Of course, long before the sheriff demanded to inspect your car’s cavities, the TSA would have demanded to inspect your body’s, so I’m not sure that’s an ambition you really want to keep….


  3. My colleagues and I have successfully caused Professor Coyne to waste yet another hour looking at cat pics. I await further instructions, oh Enlightened One.

  4. ** NomzCat sez: “teh Wheel of Dharma ~ canz i keep teh hamster?”

    ** MantraCat sez: “Om kibble mani kibble padme kibble hum kibble Omz”

    ** MindfulCat sez: “Awakening? i goes nap now”

  5. I just believe in several fewer lives than you do. When you understand why you dismiss my nine lives, you will understand why I dismiss your concept of rebirth.

  6. Hey Bud, don’t make it bad
    Take a fat cat and make him fatter
    Remember to let him onto your lard
    Then you can start to make him fatter

  7. ** TheologCat sez: “so ceiling cat tellz me ur a metapaw”

    ** ZenCat sez: “all iz change ~ ‘cept littr box”

    ** QuantumCat sez: “..an if thers ‘Erwin’ on teh box… run!”

  8. Hey! sphincter boy – miracle my arse. I’ve come armed with the power of reason and a superior olfactory system to tell all what makes that water bubble.

  9. So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza parlor and asks, “Can you make me one with everything?”.

    Get it? No, see, it’s a joke.

  10. Teh Analeezt Kitteh hypnoutez ur Budha, “Sweepiy Sweepey…Naou trie to remumbr, lieke wer u puted yoaur cheezburger….”

  11. I’ve seen this one around…can’t take credit for it of course, but the caption I’ve seen is “Whaddya mean, BE the cheezburger??”

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