23 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo: Double entendre?

    1. When Christians complain that they’re being persecuted, they mean real Christians, not the sort of Christian that makes up 80% of the population.

  1. Problem is, a lot of Islamophobia is just as much of a racist problem as it is a problem with a specific culture. It’s certainly more of an issue in the United States for Muslims than it is for Christians, as I don’t know of any instances that Christians were beaten to death for ‘being a terrorist.’

  2. Christian persecution looks an awful lot like the advance of human equality to me. When your own personal deity is enshrined on the nation’s currency and in the nation’s morning zombie affirmation, how persecuted can you really be?

    Muslim persecution does happen though, and it isn’t always an overreaction on the part of the Muslims to someone challenging their privileges, dogma, beliefs, or questionable practices (such as the level of cultural misogyny within Islam that is on par with ultra-orthodox faiths in Christianity and Judaism and sometimes worse). The stark difference between the virtually nonexistent persecution of Christians and the real persecution of Muslims in the USA can be easily seen by looking back at all the charges of being Muslim that President Obama has had to put up with.

    It’s like comparing Jews with Mormons: one has been persecuted and still is while the other has historically caused trouble by being intolerable of others and still does.

    1. The problem with moslems is that they felt persecuted if moslems are not the king (shaikh or whatever, the overlord) of the land they live.

      (I believe the jews and christians felt the same way centuries ago, now they know better, we still have to wait for moslems though)

      That’s a very wide and dangerous kind of repression-frenzy attitude in a democratic society.

      1. Hey dude, do you actually know any Muslims? I do, and none of them seem to have any problem with having a Christian president. None of them are pining for an Islamic caliphate. Maybe you should get out a little and get some world experience before making sweeping generalizations about adherents of a 1.5 billion-member religion.

        And it’s pretty clear from the reception of Obama’s election that there’s plenty of Christians who go completely nuts if there’s even a rumor that the president isn’t Christian. Remember, even being Catholic was a problem for JFK.

  3. If Jesus wasn’t so busy hitting up the barmaid, maybe he would realize his beard could stand some trimming. (No complaints about Mo’s beard, although he does only have one eyebrow.)

  4. It is often stated (and widely believed) that Christians were persecuted by the Romans before Constantine imposed Christianity on the empire.

    Does anyone here have any expert knowledge, or references to such, of how much truth there is to this? Were they really thrown to the lions regularly or was it just that some Christians were threatened with it once?

    Modern assertions of persecution always make me wonder how true past accusations are.

    (I don’t mean Wikipedia etc, useful though it is for a first approximation).

  5. #10 I’ll rise to the bait and assume you are not making a clever riff, yourself.

    Double entendre literally means double hearing. The title is a clever reference to the typical usage, where there is a sexual way of interpreting a seemingly innocent phrase.

    In this case it is a pair of narcissists that hear confirmation of their separate delusions in the one statement. Double hearing, just no sexual allusion.

    Now that I’ve explained it, I hope the humour is still there for you.

  6. I know some Christians who are being persecuted in most countries. These are not the mass population of people who may call themselves christians but real ones

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