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    1. On the enlarged version only, it’s just below the black bullet that precedes the words “Indie Bound.”

  1. Clever kitteh! Amazing how good they are at hiding in plain sight. I sometimes wonder if mine’s been sleeping in another dimension – she’ll pop out of the exact space I was just looking for her in, stretching and yawning and looking altogether smug. You’d think a black cat on a tan background would be visible, yet she still manages complete concealment.

    1. My kittehs generally come when they are called, with the notable exception that if they can see me, they figure they have done their job, and it’s stupid of me to keep calling them. One day, one of our (strictly indoor) kittehs escaped, and we were frantically searching and calling around the block. We eventually found her happily curled up in a patch of sun right across the street. She could see us – what was our problem?

  2. I seem to have gotten lucky and spotted the mouser within seconds of starting to examine the photo. She blends in nicely.

  3. You guys and your fancy coordinates . . .

    Follow the rock wall on the right side of the picture, just were the rocks end is the kitteh.

    Sneaky little guy.

  4. I’ve seen this one before, and it still took me a minute to re-find the cat.

    Baihu does this. Don’t ask me how.

    I’ll look all over the house for him, including all his favorite hiding places. Five minutes later, I finally spot him — chillin’ in the middle of a chair in the living room, in plain sight, looking straight at me. And, no, he’s not the same color as the chair or anything. And I’m generally not known for being blind.

    Y’all know that Monty Python sketch about not being seen, right? Baihu would win that “game” without even breaking a sweat.



    1. “Baihu does this. Don’t ask me how.”

      Bryxie had the power to make herself invisibule. Fortunately Merlyn hasn’t picked up on that yet.

  5. Barely visible in the un-embiggened picture, even when I know exactly where to look. Tabby is a very effective camouflage. Makes one wonder if some of the other coat patterns (eg. all-white or piebald) are only sustainable under domestication — do ferals lose those after a few generations?

    1. I think ferals do tend to revert to the tabby pattern, but I wouldn’t quote me on that.

      What I do know is that the tabby pattern is the archetype. Look up a picture of an African Wildcat. Now photoshop the legs to be a bit shorter, and you’ve got something Baihu could use on a passport photo.



  6. Took about four seconds. Of course, I’m conditioned from constantly scanning for cats whenever my wife and I are out for a walk. Many kittehs like the extra love.

  7. My take: It’s in front of the stone wall to the right, facing the photographer.

    But did you see the one hiding in the large cacti? =D

  8. Found in the rock pile. Of course you hadda post this just when the sun hits my screen causing all sorts of reflections.

    Maybe 1min to block the sun, 2min of exhaustively searching / eliminating the weeds, then ~10sec in the rocks.

  9. Are your sure there isn’t a second cat there? One underneath the those cactus plant lookbng thingies by the wall to the right of the picture, just above first cat blending in the rocks(over the other side of the road). Or is my pareidolia kicking in?

    1. Hunh?

      Every email that comes from WordPress has a link at the bottom that reads, “Want less email? Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions.”

      Don’t know how it could get any easier….



  10. Found it. I had a red Burmese who used to try to sneak up on birds on the grass, he had no hope, then he discovered the sandpit where he vanished instantly.

  11. Spotted it straight away, even without enlarging the picture. I admit, I had my reading glasses on though.

    I can spot things like that quite easily, my dad taught me, he still does this sort of thing far better than I do – he’s red/green colour blind which might help?

    I’m not colour blind though – but I suspect my hatred for cats allows me to spot them quickly and easily – just in case I ever have a rifle with me I suspect? πŸ˜‰

    Ok, kidding about the rifle – honest. I may hate cats, but I wouldn’t harm one.

    Saw an “orange” cat last night, in twilight. I don’t know how you describe them, they are white, ginger, all over in a patchy sort of fashion. It was lying low in a pile of dead leaves – blended in almost perfectly, as long as it kept the white belly & throat hidden. Shame it only works in Autumn {fall}!


  12. Something must be wrong with me — I spotted it almost instantly. Then again, I’m living in “enemy territory,” surrounded by gun-toting Creationists, so maybe my brain has become wired for paranoia?

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