26 thoughts on “It’s boot weather!

  1. How did you come by this cowboy boot interest of yours Jerry? I’ve got a couple of pairs of Chippewa’s in the lace up “packer” style and two pairs of Justin’s, with steel toes, in the same style.

  2. I share your passion for boots, and cowboy boots in particular. Do you have an Imelda Marcos’ Closet-style photo of your collection?

  3. Sadly not winter in London – must be over 25c today – too hot for late September & cloudless skies. Should be 10c lower! Supposed to hit 27 later & Thursday/Friday.

    1. That’s interesting, it’s too hot for late September here too, Melb Australia. We’ve had the most amazing/alarming weather this year. Winter apparently ended at the beginning of August when it should have been cold and horrible and we’re getting ridiculously warm weather instead. Even during the drought we didn’t have weather this weird. I don’t know what’s happening to the climate round here but it’s scary.

  4. PS – If they are kangeroo you should combine two interestes next holiday, & go to Oz, get kangeroo boots on the hop as it were, & visit the stromatalites you want to see!

        1. Double arrrggghhh! My poor dad was a teacher & very good at spelling – he would have disowned me. I console myself with recalling Darwin’s spelling errors!

      1. Dansk worked fine! You have good taste. Wish I did! They look like those boots designed to make you rock slightly to increase the exercise on your leg muscles.

        1. Well, all high heels increase the use of the lower leg muscles 😉 But I know which ones you mean. They are the ones with sort of rounded soles that should do all kinds of good for the back, legs and posture. Inspired by barefoot runners or something. I’ve never tried them, but it does sound tempting for an ex-slipped-disc-patient like me. (Wonder if they’ll live up to my shoe/boot aesthetics though 😉 )

  5. I’m afraid I’ve been infected, too.

    I managed to find a great pair of $700 Tony Lamas at a Goodwill (thrift shop), perhaps worn once or twice, for $14. My sweetie taught me how to care for them (saddle soap), and they cleaned up perfectly. Most comfortable things I’ve had on my feet in my life.

    I’ll send you a pic of me fetishing them while our Himmy-kitty “Butter” looks on, in exchange for an autographed copy of WEIT. 😉

  6. After all these months (several years?) of these photos, it just occurred to me that if there’s a fetish concerning men’s booted feet (yep, Rule 34, got it), you must be an absolute ROCK STAR in certain online communities!

    I’m not going to do any Googling to confirm, thanks.

  7. Looks more like crocodile back wingtips. Unless it’s hornback lizard? (which would certainly date the boots)

  8. That’s no lizard. If the scale pattern on the toes is authentic and not impressed, we’re looking at the lateral skin of a crocodilian, where oval/teardrop osteoderms are scattered, rather than the osteoderm-free belly or wall-to-wall dorsum.

    Can’t tell you the species, I’m just the palaeoherpetologist.

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