18 thoughts on “Sunday snooze

  1. “Even Muhammed is said to have cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than disturb his favorite cat, Muezza, who was sleeping on it.”Funny – I read the same story about an emperor of China.

  2. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that those who would not disturb a sleeping cat simply aren’t spending enough time as cat pillows.

    If you’ve just spent the past hour or so typing one-handed because the cat’s been sleeping on your other arm, and if you know the cat will be back soon anyway after you get up to pee…well, all it takes is a bit of an ear-rub to wake up sleeping beauty, at which point he’ll stretch and provide an opening for your escape. No big deal.



  3. My babies might knock to get the cat’s attention, not realising it is asleep.

    This might not occur to me until after it was too late, so seeing the sign would make me pre-emptively warn my babies not to knock the glass because the cat is sleeping.

    Also, some people are just ass holes 🙂

  4. So… Admitting that I get a kick out of sneaking up behind my cat when she’s sleeping, leaning in close to her ear, and quietly whispering “boo” will probably get my lynched, right?


    Good thing I have never done such a heinous thing, then.

    Although I did give Kit her worming tablet this morning. She was… Somewhat less than entirely pleased.

    1. My favorite bedevilment is to ever so lightly stroke a sleeping cat’s ear hairs to make them twitch uncontrollably.

      Actually, my cats don’t mind being disturbed for the sake of a good cuddle.

  5. When I have to arise I merely relocate the sleeping cat to the chair I have vacated, she is usually still there when I return ready to be put back on my lap. Sometimes she decides to go for a snack.

  6. Why all the caterwauling? If the owner doesn’t want the cat disturbed, why put it in the window in the first place? That’s just asking for a catastrophe. You should catalog these abuses, although what category this one would go in, I can’t say. Catnapping, maybe?

  7. Who would dare wake a sleeping cat, indeed. And for that matter, who would dare kill an unborn child in its mother’s womb?

    1. Well, where else are we supposed to get the most tender babies for the monthly EAC barbecue?

      Which reminds me — somebody was bragging about a great new sauce for this Sunday’s cook-off, but I don’t remember who it was…?



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