Moar cat scans

September 12, 2011 • 5:31 am

Here are a few more entries in the Cat Scan contest. Though they didn’t nab the top prize, they’re still nice scans.

From “early_cuyler”, who described this scan as “Basement cat rises from the deep to devour the unsuspecting noms.”

Joe Heath entered his cat Roo, along with this story:

We rescued her in Malaysia when she was approx 2 months old. She was malnourished to the point of looking like a skeleton, although with a conical projection out the side for the worms. She had scabies andevery other manner of nasty local issue. Our vet (for the other 2 UK originated cats) looked at her and picked her up by the scruff andsaid “where the hell did you get this thing?”  Two years later she is fit as a fiddle, driving us crazy, and costing usa fortune to ship back to UK! We love her to bits!  We called her Roo because her back legs are far longer than her frontlegs (or were, we’re not quite sure now)… hence kangeroo.

You can see “normal” pictures of Roo here.

Here is Karen’s cat Quentin, famed for his hairy toes:

And Stavana’s cat Contessa, with a brief story:  “I brought her home from my grandmother’s farm as a malnourished kitten (one of ten farm kittens) last Christmas.”

11 thoughts on “Moar cat scans

  1. My Basement Cat (real name Tito Lynus) thanks you for the posting and has requested that I get him an agent for future photo shoots or there will be shredded curtains in my future.

  2. These are all great! I like how Basement Cat looks like a phantasm and the grayness of Roo. It must have been a hard decision. Thanks for having “Baby Kitty” aka Contessa on the blog.

    My grandmother had 10 kittens last Christmas on the farm and was able to catch 7 of the remaining 9 to get ’em fixed…the other 2 ran off. But alas, there are now 4 new kittens. It’s so hard to keep kitty populations down.

  3. Question for Joe and Roo… we’re staring down the possibility of relocating to the UK
    (Scotland) — what is the quarantine period for the kittehs? Rules changed lately?

    (I thought it was something obscene, like 6 months)

  4. Really not sure I like these. Actually, rather sure I don’t. As my father used to say,” De gustibus non disputadum est.

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