Puss in Boots

August 12, 2011 • 7:19 am

How can I possibly ignore an animation that combines two of my favorite subjects: cats and boots?  Here’s the official trailer for DreamWorks’ Puss in Boots, coming in November.  This actually looks pretty funny: there are two eminently catlike behaviors in just this trailer:

And, just to show that DreamWorks has a sense of humor, here’s a video explaining why Puss doesn’t wear pants, joining the ranks of characters like Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, and Porky Pig, all of whom went commando in their films.

And the short “teaser trailer”:

5 thoughts on “Puss in Boots

  1. So…why is “he” worried when “he” just barely clears the steeple? It’s not like “he” has anything to lose…as the animators so clearly point out….

    Or do I need to pretend I’m ten again?


  2. I dunno, I’m kinda bleh on Dreamworks. Their movies have had potential to be interesting, but they’re usually mediocre. Not neccessarily BAD, but not very good.
    I’m not even sure that the power of a kitty can save them.

    How to Train Your Dragon was probably the best, but it was of a bad bunch.

    Give me Pixar any day over Dreamworks.

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