9 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Moses (?)

  1. From the author’s email to his subscribers:

    “Only Moses in this one. Jesus and Mo were with him in the dress rehearsal but
    they just made the place look untidy, so I sent them outside to stand with the

    So it is Moses.

  2. It’s quite simple, really.

    If someone says they’ve been harassed, then they have been.

    One cannot deny a woman’s experience nor belittle it, especially given the absolutely dreadful statistics with regard to sexual assault. There is lifetime risk of 1 in 6 for women to be sexually assaulted — wrap your head around that one for a second.

    Try this little exercise. Look around your office, school, the grocery store. Just mentally mark every 6th woman you see today as a victim of sexual assault. Unless you’re a Cheeto-eating basement dweller, you’ll get ill before noon.

    Whether or not a woman is justified in her belief of feeling harassed is not your call. It’s hers.

  3. I’ve had to delete at least one comment that I considered denigrating to women, and since I’m not around much to monitor these, I’ll close the thread.

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