Most awesome Google logo ever

June 9, 2011 • 4:03 pm

If you go to the Google home page today, you’ll see something that looks like this:

You can pluck the strings and play some awesome electric guitar, and even record what you play (the site gives you a URL for playback.)  The NPR blog tells you how to use it, and shows a guy playing a passable version of “Hey Jude.” (Press the black rectangle at lower right to activate “record,” and then use your keys to play the strings.)

The explanation: today is Les Paul’s 96th birthday (though he died in 2009).

26 thoughts on “Most awesome Google logo ever

  1. Oh– so *that’s* what the button-thingie is for… I wondered. Was very surprised yesterday to pull up my homepage and see that come up– and even more surprised when I accidentally ran the cursor over it. Ooh–music 🙂

  2. You have to disable “Instant Search” or your keystrokes will activate search.

    Thanks, Google, for the very cool reminder that I have no musical ability whatsoever.

    1. You aren’t alone…. i can’t make anything like a pleasurable noise out of this thing…although there must be someone somewhere who can…
      I leave the music to others, and focus on the chemistry!

  3. I’m embarrassed that I learned how to play real guitar. I practiced on a real instrument for hours at a time.I even got a degree in it. What a waste. Right?

    1. I suspect it depends on the college. I studied guitar in college before dropping out. 90% of my classes were irrelevant to becoming a better musician. They just wasted my time and my folk’s money.

      Music is a trade. There’s a fair amount of theory one needs, but that can mostly be learned by oneself. If anything, one can get by by studying with a good teacher for a few years until they can learn to teach themselves.

      Maybe it would be better described as an apprentice-ship than an academic discipline. I mean, one can study the history of music, but I was a performance major and that stuff was just superfluous.

      Now, if I could have had the opportunity to study at Berklee I’d take it in a second.

    2. True. One does not need college to learn music.
      But these kind of ‘virtual instruments’ like this and ‘rock-band’ games annoy me.
      You can learn to strum 3 chord songs in a month of practice. Easily.

  4. I used some of my time at work yesterday on this thingie (not a lot … well not a very BIG lot of time) And I played Frere Jacques and almost Stairway to heaven – sans the highest note though 😉

  5. The trouble is you need to unlearn what you know about actually playing guitar or piano. I wonder what they’re doing for Leo Fender’s b-day?

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