12 thoughts on “Friday footwear

  1. First a big THANK YOU to Sigmund, nice post!

    Second, I have a couple of fairly nice pictures of Crotalus atrox on a broken hard drive, if I ever find a way to retrive the pictures without spending lots of money I’ll send them.

  2. As someone from West Texas, the pattern on those boots makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

        1. Well, the former generally induces the latter….

          But, seriously. Virtually all people bitten by snakes were interacting with them and / or drunk. Most of the sober ones own snakes, and most of the bitten owners are religious nutters testing their faith. And almost all those people are men.

          While it does happen that a snake will bite somebody without the person having ample opportunity to leave the snake alone, you’re better off putting your attention to the lose gravel on the trail — the road rash you’ll get when you slip and fall down the hillside into some cholla will probably be worse than the bite you’ll get from the sleeping deaf snake whose tail you stepped on.

          If you’re lucky enough to spot a snake, calmly back away and take a moment to admire her from whatever distance lets the both of you relax. They’re beautiful animals and a vital part of a healthy ecosystem. If you’re in the snake’s home, be a good guest. If the snake is in your home, keep your children, pets, and drunkards away while you call the local herpetological society; they’ll be delighted to safely return the snake to its own home.



          1. I’m just at the edge of the affected area of that map.

            On the other hand, water reserves in the Colorado basin are being depleted far faster than they’re being replenished.

            What I personally find depressing is that we’re constantly exhorted to conserve water…yet municipal water is unbelievably cheap. It’s something like a tenth of a penny per gallon. When it costs people all of a dollar to pour a thousand gallons down the drain, who’s even going to pretend to conserve?



          2. Thank you. People take such pride in the murdering and maiming of reptiles – specifically rattlesnakes, as if they’ve done the rest of us a favor. It makes me sick. Hey idiots, they don’t WANT to bite you, they WANT to be left alone and consume disease-carrying rodents now and again. Rattlesnake roundups should be illegal, as should be the use of them in religious ceremony. I am fascinated with pit vipers (and although I’ve kept a good amount of reptiles, I would never keep venemous)and can’t understand why others can’t see the beauty in them that I do.

          3. I also enjoy observing snakes… from about as far away as my gardening rake will reach.

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