Kitteh contest: Stewart

May 17, 2011 • 4:59 am

Reader Jo sends us a picture of the itinerant moggy Stewart, who has the biggest head on a cat I’ve ever seen.  Stewart was never a “pet” cat; he came around to Jo’s for a while, and then disappeared one day.

This is Stewart.  He came to us as a frightened, malnourished adolescent with a scrawny body and a comically huge head, but he became a regular guest for breakfast and supper and filled out nicely. Over the years he learned to indulge in a good head scratch before being fed, but he never would entertain any further manhandling.  He was an amiable fellow around our other cats, but the top platform of the feeding station was always and indisputably his. This picture is a favorite of mine because despite the intimidating stare he is putting on, I have to laugh at the drool coming down the right side of his mouth.  He always did appreciate a good meal.  We miss him.

Another photo of Stewart:

7 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Stewart

  1. I’m thinking his cephalic “largesse” is all bluff — I mean, fluff.

    Nice mane you’ve got there, Stewart!

  2. Was he a tom? Intact males get thick jowls, I assume for protection during fighting. It’s one way to spot a tom without him turning around. That and the tattered ears they tend to aquire . . .

  3. Love those moon-faced toms/ex-toms! What a spectacular specimen.

    We’ve had a couple of drop-by cats over the years…some just don’t allow themselves to be fully ‘owned.’ The pleasure of their company suffices…

  4. Great Gods, that is a Stewey if ever I saw one. Condolences to the authors on the loss of a kitty so aptly named.

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