13 thoughts on “Dawn: Banff

  1. It’s so easy to see how someone ignorant of reality could sit for hours thinking about the universe and conclude that it simply must have been made that way on purpose.

    I couldn’t have made that scene more beautiful if I had tried. Or perhaps more appropriately, I doubt my perception of beauty could have been made better to appreciate my surroundings 🙂

  2. You are making me nostalgic for my hometown! I miss waking up to mountain scenes like that… Ontario has its beauty, too, but the Rockies really take the cake.

  3. I have a sweatshirt from Banff that I bought on a July 4 a few years back — because it was snowing.

    I’m convinced that Canadians are aliens from a much colder planet. How else can you explain deliberately choosing to live in a place where the parking meters have power outlets for block warmers?

    1. I deliberately chose to live near Banff – in that I emigrated there 30 years ago. I gave up the wet, cool and temperate environment of England for the spectacular and anything but temperate Rockies.

      Sure -30 isn’t much fun, but the many days of -10 with a cloudless blue sky, clean air and white snow just waiting to be skiied on, more than makes up for it.

      The summers are pretty damn good too. The worst time is just about now – the skiing’s coming to an end but the trails aren’t ready for biking and the lakes still have ice on them.

      I get to travel to Texas and Florida fairly frequently and I’ll take the crisp mountain air over the sweaty humidity. Except for maybe a week or two in February 🙂

  4. A few years ago there was a Charles Walcott exhibition at the Banff Museum. Not very big, but with photographs of the Walcott family at camp, a field notebook and a nice Anomalocaris unfortunately positioned under too-bright lights to get a decent photo.

  5. Byootiful.

    Looking west, right, with the sunrise reflected on the mountains? That’s what I get here, except the mtns are smaller and 50 miles away, so it’s much less dramatic than that. Still byootiful though.

  6. I remember visiting Banff during a family trip when I was a kid. Nice town, as long as you steer clear of all the elk.

  7. I liked Banff a heckovalot better than Whistler.

    There is a REALLY good Indian restaurant there! Forgot the name, but Im pretty sure theres just one 🙂

  8. I love Banff – I was lucky enough to get a truly sweet deal on a room at the Banff Springs Hotel some years ago and between the stunning beauty of the town and the decadence of the pool & spa at the hotel, I was in love. I’m a mountain girl anyway, being from Vancouver, but it’s special there.

    Looking forward to seeing it again next year!

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