Kitteh contest: Darwin

May 11, 2011 • 2:46 am

Reader BigBob proffers an appropriately named cat (whether the name stems from Erasmus or Charles is a matter of parental dispute):

This is Darwin, only two years old but with a chequered history already.  As far as we can tell, his first owner was an elderly lady who died late last year.  Her family chose not to take him on, and instead delivered him to the vet’s surgery for purposes we can only guess.  But in his darkest hour, Darwin’s fortunes were about to turn around.  Our hero Vet passed this fit, bulky beast of a feline to the local cat sanctuary where we found him, fat and happy and looking for some TLC.  So here he is, fiercely guarding his territory, every inch the man in charge.  Much bigger than your average moggy, he cuts a spectacular dash with his all white livery, outsize dimensions and permanently vertical tail.  He has an extraordinarily loud purrr and miowww to match.  Lock up your sliced ham; he knows where it is and will take it if you’re careless.

The attached pics, show a little of his history, a sort of ‘before’ and ‘after’.

BEFORE, at the shelter. “Pick me!”

AFTER: A handsome moggie:

“Where’s the ham?” (Obviously not a Jewish cat).

15 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Darwin

    1. For me, it’s Charles, but for my wife Sian who is a history graduate it’s Erasmus, Charles’ grandfather, member of the Lunar Society and major scientist in his day. Both heroes so that’s fine.

  1. What is it with Cats and Ham? One of my cats, Smokey, is always begging for smoked ham. I literally can’t open the refrigerator without him sticking his nose to hunting for ham, but only when we have ham. Sometimes if we get a type (honey baked, etc.) he doesn’t like, he will turn his nose up on it (at least until he realizes he’s not getting what he wants).

  2. Geez, what a handsome kitteh. Hurray for Darwin & BigBob.

    Darwin. I submit that it is an anagram for Inward.

    I don’t know what it is, but all my kittehs like cheese. (We don’t have so much ham around, since the Spousal Unit is a seafooditarian.)

  3. What a gorgeous boy. And I’m used to people saying my cats )two spayed females) are big, but this beautiful chap looks MAHOOSIVE.

  4. Love that series of shots! They show the classic evolution of desperate shelter cat to ruler of the adoptive domicile to exuberant attacker of toys.

  5. Today’s cat calendar pic says “The cat was created when the lion sneezed.” –Arabian proverb.

    Sounds reasonable.

  6. What a super set of pictures! He looks like a Magaret Keane painting in the first–who could possibly have resisted that gaze? Naturally, you selected Darwin!

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