Two cats to us cheer us all

April 28, 2011 • 3:58 am

Two of our regular readers and commenters have provided photos yesterday.

One that will hearten us all was sent by our official Japanese correspondent and blogger Yokohamamama (Amy). Her son Koshi found a tiny bedraggled kitten in the street and begged to bring him home.  Of course she said “yes”, and I took this Skype screenshot of Amy with the newly acquired “Momo” (if female) or “Momotaro” (if male); both names mean “peach,” and “Momotaro” is the famous peach boy of Japanese legend.

It has conjunctivitis, but is going to the vet immediately for medication.  Since Amy can’t keep cats in her apartment, any readers in Japan who want a lovely orange kitten can apply on her website.

And from Ireland, Grania Spingies, who works for Atheist Ireland, sent a picture of George, a very limber cat.  His story:

George has a double-storey house with two bedrooms, a plush three-piece lounge suite and a staff of two named Nicola & Eoin who are in charge of serving his meals, keeping his water clean, providing random entertainment, opening doors for him, closing doors for him, checking to see that the heating is on to warm his floor in winter, brushing his coat when he is in the mood and answering any other requests he may have.

A cat like George sleeps anywhere he pleases.

So you might well ask why George chose to get into the smallest “bed” in the house.
Probably just to show that he could.

If you turn this upside down, George looks like a rabbit.

18 thoughts on “Two cats to us cheer us all

  1. Well, that only makes me wonder how many homeless pets there are in Japan right now. What a cutie, though.

    Ahh, George. Why do all kittehs do that? The eternal question. I bet if you had an even smaller bed, he’d squeeze into that. Lovely kitteh.

  2. “If you turn this upside down, George looks like a rabbit.”
    Someone please send this to Ray Comfort to freak him out.

  3. Orange? A cat? He’s Ginger. Must be an Americanism. Next redheads will be called orange instead of ginger. 🙂

      1. And, what’s more, ginger isn’t even red — when you see red ginger, dye has been added. Ginger is the same pale yellow-brown as a gold potato.


        1. I’ve used ginger root in cooking before. The sushi stuff is pickled ginger. And it’s eaten to cleanse the palate between pieces. But being a ‘merican, I like it actually on the sushi along with the wasabi.

          1. Oh, I use ginger all the time. Night before last I improvised a tuna noodle cheese casserole and minced up a tablespoon or so of fresh ginger to sauté along with the onions and garlic. A few nights before that it was mapo dofu; ginger is quite common in Chinese dishes and can be added to many even if not called for. Fresh ginger and bruised fennel seeds make a nice herbal tea. I don’t bake a lot of cookies, but gingersnap cookies are of course wonderful.

            I do like my sushi ginger as a palate cleanser, though. I find it overwhelms the sushi itself (which often has some pretty subtle flavors) when you use it as a topping.

            It’s also worth noting that ginger is one of those herbs that not only tastes good and is nutritionally healthy but also has mild useful medicinal effects. It tends to calm the digestive system, easing nausea symptoms and counteracting enterotixin-induced diarrhea. Don’t use it as a substitute for going to the doctor, of course, but give it a try the next time your insides are unsettled. Not in capsule form or large doses or anything — just eat a dish you like that contains as much ginger as it would normally contain. Or, if you like ginger tea, boil up a kettle. Reach for the candied ginger as a dessert instead of the pake — that sort of thing.



  4. So sweet. Love Yokahamamama’s new baby. Glad it’s too far away for me or I might succumb to kitteh love. (I just can’t have a kitteh now, but try to get a fix whenever I can.)

  5. Kittens are so much fun! I’m sorry you can’t keep the fuzzball, Yokohamamama.

    But I’m curious. I’ve not heard of Momotaro before, but I did read (and enjoy) James and the Giant Peach when I was a child. Is there any relationship between the two?

    And James…well, if it weren’t for the fact that Baihu was doing exactly that this morning, except using my cheek for a pillow, I’d think there was something worng with him….



  6. My broken cat, Dustbunny, has just managed to break himself even more. Lovely, pussfilled hole in his head.

    Puss in Puss, I guess.

    Damn, but he stinks.

  7. That was such a kind thing of you to do for Momo, Yokohamamama! I hope Momo doesn’t have anything too drastic. Too bad you can’t have a neko in the apartment 🙁

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