At least it didn’t look like Jesus

April 14, 2011 • 1:14 pm

It’s Thursday afternoon, I’ve just taught a two-hour class, and it’s time for some Royal Wedding amusement.  According to the Telegraph, one Wesley Hosie of Taunton, Somerset is set to make some dosh on eBay.  Tucking into a 700g jar of jelly beans, Hosie found a mango-flavored bean resembling none other that Kate Middleton.

He’s trying to sell it on eBay for 500 pounds.  You be the judge.

The Torygraph also displays 29 other objects that look like people; go have a look (warning: nearly all of them look like Jesus or his mom).  Here’s one more: a stink bug that looks like Elvis.

55 thoughts on “At least it didn’t look like Jesus

  1. Who the hell looks at a jelly bean long enough to see this stuff???? Granted, I usually just eat the solid-colored ones anyway, but I can’t remember ever looking at one to try to find an image. It’s a jelly bean for the FSM’s sake! Ya eat ’em!

    1. Obviously you should change your habits – seems you are missing a potential business opportunity.

  2. The stinkbug does NOT look like Elvis. And the jelly bean does NOT look like Kate Middleton. So either the fabled pieces of toast did NOT look like Jesus OR Kate Middleton is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  3. I think the Google Earth Jesus (#18) looked more like Frank Zappa. We all see what we want to see, I guess.

    I find it interesting that the Islamic ones aren’t images, they’re words.

  4. By the way, do stink bugs prey on chocolates? Ah, no, ‘cos then people would eat them…well, evolution isn’t my thing.

      1. Many thanks for employing the word “vintage“, rather than any number of less complimentary (however accurate) terms.

  5. Why do these people always see Jesus and not Charles Manson or Ringo Starr? The bacon grease in a pan looked more like Ringo than Jesus to me.

  6. I already like Kate M more than I ever did Diana; the bean just clinched it. Oh can we call it Mr. Bean?!

  7. Ridiculous. There is no “Royal Wedding Amusement”. My invitation is arriving any day now, and I’ve picked out my hat.

    1. The Kate n’ Billy show are coming here (Ottawa) for Canada Day. As it happens, we’re planning to be over there at the time (it wasn’t deliberate, but it works for me….)

        1. A certain ambiguity has crept into this thread. To make clear: I’m going to be in Old Blighty at the time my presumed future monarch (though given the longevity of the Windsors, I may very well not live to see that day) is in the city where I live. And I’m not at all upset about missing them.

  8. I like the one of Pope John Paul II showing up in a Polish bonfire commemorating the anniversary of his death and supposedly taken at the exact hour of the Pope’s death. I’d bet that Ian Paisley would find this indisputable evidence that the Pope is burning in Hell right now.

  9. You know what? Now it sort of looks like the face on Mars. If you ignore the “hair” and look at the face it’s like an exact copy.

  10. How disposed we are to seeing faces! (Or Arabic script, I guess…)

    For my money, the “Mary” on the grilled cheese sandwich looked more like Bernadette Peters. And the Jesus in the frying pan looked way too good to be true…

  11. Is this a jellybeans survival strategy? It may live forever, but what good is it to a Beatles to look an Elvis?

  12. Moar pattern search. In religion it is an example of Saint Peter’s Principle: “in time every religion tends to show its level of incompetence”.

    [look] like Jesus or his mom

    “Jebus, yo mama -”
    “… – I who speak to you am he.”

    “- is so omnipotent that Dog is in the house.”
    “- is so ass-eity that she sits next to everyone always.”
    “- is so nasty so she couldn’t get a man.”

  13. I wouldn’t pay £500 for the jellybean but I might pay £500 for the terraced house which looks like Hitler.

  14. There is no way those Jesuses (Jesi?) could be the same person. There is just too much variation between them.

  15. I think it looks like a linear combination of Sophie Germain, Maria Agnesi, Ada Augusta Lovelace, Rosalynd Franklin and Grace Murray Hopper.

  16. Post a stink bug (what I would call a shield bug) & not give a species name? What is it pretty please? 😉

  17. The “Christ in the Kit Kat bar” seems to have been photoshopped in from a negative of the shroud of Turin photo. Note how the light elements of the Kit Kat Christ correspond to the dark elements of the Turin Christ, and vice versa.

  18. So how do the modern day English feel about being ruled by people who claim that God chose them to lord it over the rest? Does being on a jellybean clinch it?

    What exactly does modern royalty do all day anyway? Besides pose for endless photos?

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