11 thoughts on “Nine minutes of saxtasy: Coleman Hawkins

  1. Body and Soul is one of the well-played CDs on my iPod.

    You shoulda mentioned Eddie Haywood on piano in “The Man I Love”. That cat was worth the price of admission. Can you imagine a modern headline artist giving half of a song to someone else, before playing his/her first note? Astonishing.

  2. My timing truly sucks. Saturday I took my main PC in to the shop to have data transferred to a newly purchased one. So I am relegated to using an ancient computer that chisles out responses to my internet queries on stone tablets: no way that it is going to play videos.

    And this is the week you choose to showcase my favorite jazz ax and the exquisite Hawk. Fortunately it will still be here when my technology is back in place.

    1. It ain’t necessarily so Nick (what a great title for a tune)

      The internet might ‘plode ‘teen now & then. Meanwhile I’m listenin’ to these cats while you grind your teeth 🙂

      P.S. My sympathies

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