Website back up

March 22, 2011 • 6:12 pm

Because of problems at WordPress, this site was down (at least for my administration) for about four hours today. I think, but don’t know, whether commenting was also disabled.  Things appear to be fixed for now.

If in the future you’re a regular commenter and can’t get a comment to appear, do email me privately and let me know.

9 thoughts on “Website back up

  1. I also didn’t know it was down since I unsubscribed to “Why Do Atheists do Theology?” because of one annoying commenter.

      1. I don’t want to post it here for fear of spam, but you can easily get it by googling my name and university.

        1. I can vouch for that: Easy to find at the U of Chicago website.

          You are up early this morning Dr. C.!

          Horrible roads and about 5 inches of new snow and glop here this morning.

  2. A ha! I wasn’t the only one, but at least I reported it.

    Sorry Rousseau, I still can’t comment on your kitteh thread.

  3. The website is up again, I think, but the new format is hideous. It’s not the old whyevolutionistrue that I love so much. It’s too high tech for someone of my advanced years. I suppose I might get used to it …

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