Kitteh contest: Rousseau

March 22, 2011 • 4:17 am

This week we have an entirely black cat entered by reader Michael Bouchard, to wit:

Rousseau is a cat of Parisian temperament. A traveler and tramp, born in a humane society in Chicago, he left there to venture around California and Colorado and is currently settled in Denver. Rou is a cat who has foregone the vulgar meow for a refined chirp and has never met a hand to pet him that he didn’t find pleasure in. He knows his claws are too good for furniture. He also happens to follow the rule “black matches everything” and hasn’t a spot of fur on him a shade lighter than pitch. However, he’s not all fluff and relaxation. He proved himself a master mouser in some drafty Chicago apartments and dominated not just cats but has also cowed dogs from Poodles to Irish Wolfhounds all without a single hiss. They readily defer to his quiet confidence. (Which is good, because there was a time when I thought a border collie might eat him. Thankfully, the collie thought better of it after Rousseau simply stared it down.)

Rou is a part of the pack. He makes sure he knows where his humans are. He sleeps at the foot of the bed when my wife and I finally retire and rests at my feet as I type this now. Best of all, he is as old as my relationship with my wife. His birthday, being a reminder of when we met, creates a double happiness. With his style, his travel, his temperament and composure, he truly is our noble savage.

14 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Rousseau

  1. “Noble savage,” indeed! Just have a look at his armament and it’s clear why he doesn’t need to raise his voice. “Meow softly and carry a set of steak knives in your paw.”



  2. I grew up with a cat who looked just as beautiful (black but with a tiny cluster of about a dozen white hairs on the chest). He was a wonderful cat and lived to be almost 20 years old. May you have as many years with your savage.

  3. Cute!

    He also happens to follow the rule “black matches everything” and hasn’t a spot of fur on him a shade lighter than pitch.

    First one I’ve heard of! Every black kitteh I’ve seen has their hidden white patch on the ventral surface somewhere …

  4. He’s a sweetie!

    Reminds me of my old roommate’s momma cat, Pasha – very similar face shape and she too was all black.

    Her son, Thomas, had the usual knot of about 7-10 white hairs on his upper chest.

  5. Ahem. Rousseau would have you know you’re part of his ‘pride,’ not ‘pack.’ (And if there are dogs in the family, they’ll just have to live with that ignominy.)

    There’s seldom been a time in my life when I haven’t had a black cat as part of the family. There’s something very compelling about them. We were almost not allowed to adopt our last black cat from the shelter as it was too close to Halloween, and people have been known to adopt them then for nefarious purposes. (Just when you think you couldn’t have a dimmer view of our species…)

    Wonderful story! Have you told Rou they named a philosopher after him?

  6. Rou is beautiful! But his pictures make me sad: it’s been less than a year since I lost my gorgeous black kitteh darling to heart failure. Black cats are in a class all their own.

    Give Rou some petting and tell him it’s from me.

    I hafta go cry now….

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