Monday footwear

March 14, 2011 • 4:27 am

Another mystery hide.  I paraphrase the Charlie Sheen of philosophers: “Jerry Coyne is a man who can’t pass a(n) ________ in the street without mistaking it for a pair of shoes.”  Fill in the blank.

Close-up shot:

22 thoughts on “Monday footwear

      1. No apologies needed, Dominic 😀
        Is it wrong of me to feel a little bit proud of this evil, church-pillaging forefather (except he, of course, in all probability isn’t MY forefather)

      2. “Was this really posted at 4.27 am???”

        This site is on Mountain time. JC is on Central time, so it was 5:27 here. Normal people are up then. Cats are up then, trust me.

        1. Ah – puddy-tats demanding food & attention! I was awake at 4am – probably due to a bus stopping outside!

  1. The day you sport a pair of boots made of Croc AND duck will be a fun day indeed!
    (I’ve no idea what this is – boar?)

      1. Schweet! Only reason I got this is because I happen to be looking at a pair of hippo boots at the local western store about a month ago.

  2. Reminds me of a quote by Robert Solow (1 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics) about Milton Friedman (another recipient of the NMPE):

    “Another difference between Milton and myself is that everything reminds Milton of the money supply. Well, everything reminds me of sex, but I keep it out of the paper.”

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