Eaglecam: bobbleheads imminent?

March 12, 2011 • 6:37 am

It’s about time for the bald eagle eggs to hatch at the live EagleCam in Virginia: over four weeks have passed since the first egg was laid, and the mother eagle is showing unusual restlessness and attentiveness to the eggs this morning.  There was a report the other day that one of the eggs wobbled by itself in the nest.

I have a feeling that we’ll see an eagle hatch today. Keep your eye peeled here.



19 thoughts on “Eaglecam: bobbleheads imminent?

  1. The cam footage is amazing. I just feel so jaded. I grew up in SE Alaska where bald eagles were a dime a dozen. They don’t instill the awe that ya’ll born and bred lower 48ers get.

    I feel so callus and bad…

  2. As part of my Wildlife Management Techniques class, I got to participate in a bald eagle and golden eagle capture a couple weeks ago. Absolutely incredible birds.

  3. Jeez, you just wish you could reach out and tamp down the camera-side wall of the nest bowl! Mama’s watching something pretty intently!

  4. Inane comment of the day, just posted to Eaglecam discussion thread:

    3:10 With all the unrest in our world today, unemployment, riots in the middle East and the heartache of the earthquake in Japan, it’s reassurin that there is still good a glorious works in this world. Thanks be to God!

    So predictable.

    1. Don’t be so cynical, Diane. The hatching of an eaglet totally balances out 9.6% unemployment, killing in the Middle East, and all the death and destruction of the earthquake and tsunami. Geez, you atheists are a negative bunch.

        1. Seems pretty similar to me: Eaglets, therefore God vs. Parking Space, therefore God. You just can’t argue with that kind of logic.

    2. What’s really predictable is that with lives lost probably in the 10s of thousands in Japan, someone will find a baby in all the rubble somwhere, and that will be proof of god’s love and mercy.

  5. A few hrs ago someone posted that they had earlier seen the eagle pull something white from the nest and eat it. The moderator hadn’t seen it, but it may have been a piece of eggshell.

  6. Dang, I lucked out about an hour ago – male on eggs; female strolling around and then eating one of the two fish; male getting off eggs; eggs lolling about naked for awhile; giant foot enters frame, female sits on eggs, rocks back and forth like Ray Charles for awhile to settle in; female nibbles on the other fish.


    1. I saw that! (well at least I think I saw the same thing, for me it was around 17:30 EST) She sort of trifled with the fish. She seemed really annoyed with something on her meal – flies I’m guessing. I could see quite a few of them milling about despite what looked like high winds.

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