Kitteh contest: Mocha Java Hecht

March 8, 2011 • 5:38 am

Owner “LBBHecht” entered his lovely calico, Mocha Java Hecht, who seems to be a bit of a sycophant.

Presenting Mocha Java Hecht, a beautiful 15 year old calico! As you can see, she is quite the scientifically literate felid.. though she does prefer some authors to others! However, she makes sure to leave time to play (and sleep). One of her major vices is jealousy. She has outlived two younger pets, with whom – much to her chagrin – she had to compete for attention. Upon the recent death of her sister, she has become much more affectionate. Horrible, right? In her younger years, she was quite a hunter and a climber (her favorite spot was the top of the refrigerator), frequently ending up 30-50 feet off the ground in our huge oak tree, at which point an offering of catnip was necessary to coax her down.

Mocha also has a penchant for paper products – even more than most kittehs. Overall, she is more a ‘srs cat’ than she is a ‘LOLcat,’ but she has her moments. Most entertaining is when she messes up and then tries to save face and cover for herself. A couple of weeks ago, she dashed up the stairs wild-eyed. At first we thought she might be having a seizure. Quickly, however, we realized that she had somehow gotten a front claw buried in her tail! For all her pomposity, she is quite the coward, withdrawing to her mother whenever a competing felid enters her yard.

LBB adds:

I’m including a link to an album with a few more pictures of her.  They support her story, and you might find them interesting anyway. You can never have too many cat pictures!

8 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Mocha Java Hecht

  1. Ha, I used to have a cat who could display genuine embarrassment. Once, shy tried to jump onto an ironing board cluttered with magazines and wrapping paper. She didn’t quite make it, instead scrambling and eventually falling, bringing said paper products crashing down around her. Her response: to run downstairs and puke.

    Also, Japanese Kittens in Bowls, via Slog.

  2. Yay, Mocha Java and the entire Hecht family! I love when companions provide extra pix. It’s very sweet.

    I know what you mean about the senior cat wanting to be the only cat. When the other 2 went to the vet all day last Friday, Keeshu was so happy to be the queen of the house again. The Spousal Unit said that when she came home with Fifi & Merlyn, Keeshu was visibly so disappointed.

  3. You can never have too many cat pictures!

    This is true. 🙂

    I am away from home right now, (holidaying in the Philippines) and I am told that my kitteh is pining for me. She’s wandering round the house miaowing, I feel soooo guilty!

  4. Quickly, however, we realized that she had somehow gotten a front claw buried in her tail!

    One of my cats likes to chase his tail. This was once interrupted by a yowl of protest as he caught his tail and was unable to get one of his front claws unhooked from it. He seemed very angry that someone was pulling his tail and I had some trouble unhooking him.

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