Kitteh contest: Sam (aka Möbius Cat)

February 23, 2011 • 12:37 pm

From Veronika comes the lovely and agile Sam, whom I’ve dubbed Möbius Cat for obvious reasons.  Here’s Veronkia’s entry:

Here is Sam, who is awesome because he is able to rotate his spine through 180 degrees to enjoy maximum coverage from the warmth of the fire.  The photo doesn’t do justice to his ineffable beauty and elegance, especially his fine green eyes, the spread of his unusually (for a ginger cat) black whiskers, and his gorgeous bushy tail.  He is of course an atheist.  More photos are available for his fans out there.

Here’s a head shot of the kitteh:

UPDATE:  Sam now has his own website, with more photos of his flexible frame, and pictures of him as a kitten and as an adult, contemplating a fox.

18 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Sam (aka Möbius Cat)

  1. OMNEG! Your kitteh’s broken!

    I am a sucker for all the kittehs and pepulz here. Yes, please, Veronika, post a link to moar pix. Hurray for Sam!

  2. But how can Sam be an atheist when he knows he’s a god?

    At least, he damn well better know that he’s a god, what with that fact being self-evidently true and all….



  3. Wow, Sam is an amazing cat. I’d someone to explain to me how a cat can bend its spine like that.

    Cheers to Sam!

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