13 thoughts on “Hizzoner

  1. Is this the genius who decided Obama should discuss everything with Republicans? Ya know, so he could fritter away his all-too-short ‘honeymoon’ period, crap all over his base, only to get f&*$ed by the GOP everytime anything came to a vote?

    1. Yes, that’s the one.

      You forgot to mention Emmanuel’s extra special characterization of Progressives as “f*cking retards”.

      1. Surely the defeat of health care reform, the blocking of New START, and the failure of DADT repeal demonstrate that Obama’s strategies are worthless and progressives are always right.

        1. Yes, because that’s what I said–“Progressives are always right”. So THAT’S why you shouldn’t call them “f*cking retards”. Who knew?

      2. There was a progressive candidate, Miguel Del Valle, which is who I voted for. Rahm was my 2nd choice. He has the ability to get things done, but what exactly?

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