Snow bestiary

February 13, 2011 • 6:35 am

From the Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week site come these amazing (and not Photoshopped) dino sculptures from the yearly Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.  At this festival, teams from different countries compete to make the most awesome sculpture out of snow (there’s also ice sculpture).  And the sculptures are often huge!  The festival is a week long, and ends today.  These photos are from earlier festivals:

And a snow Triceratops:

Other sculptures include this one, with an owl and an eagle with two chicks (video here).  Is this a harbinger of good for our Virginia eagles?

Many of the sculptures have mythological or fictional themes; you can see some and read about their meanings here.

And this page tells you how the sculptures are made.  It’s complicated and onerous.

Hai, dozo!

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