Why evolution is true (but not many people believe it)

February 11, 2011 • 1:32 pm

by Greg Mayer

Jerry regaled a packed house last night at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Darwin Day with a talk entitled “Why evolution is true (but not many people believe it)”. Jerry spoke to the crowd of several hundred for just over an hour, and then took questions. Attendees included WEIT readers and Kitteh Kontestants.


They had shirts with real Darwin Fish,

and the World’s Largest Edible Phylogenetic Tree, from which Jerry sampled a member of the volant Arthropoda.

He should be deperegrinated soon.

23 thoughts on “Why evolution is true (but not many people believe it)

  1. How come there’s not another cookie baked inside that cookie?

    I was tempted to come, since I spent all day in Antioch, which is half way there. But Keeshu just came home from the hospital yesterday morning, and the spousal unit teaches on Thursday nights. Next time, for sure.

  2. Question- Jerry at the talk (I watched it on YouTube) said that on January 22nd the book will come out in paperback, but on amazon one can already get the book in paperback. Am I missing something? Is there a new version coming out?

    1. If you watched the video linked to in a response to comment 4, that video is of an earlier lecture on the topic at UW-Parkside (not UW-Whitewater) from late 2009.

  3. ACK!!!!

    According to the embedded caption and the look on his face, Dr. Coyne has just discovered that, in addition to christian babies, his friends are edible too!

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