Kitteh contest: Lily

February 8, 2011 • 6:53 am

Owner David has sent us an entry appropriate for this frigid weather. It’s his cat Lily, who’s figured out a unique way to beat the cold.

We adopted Lily from the local animal shelter who rescued her from the mean, snowy streets of Maine. With such a beginning to her life, it is no wonder that she is always in search of comfort and luxury. When we’re not home to provide a comfortable lap, and there are no pools of sunshine to enjoy, Lily has turned to some highly creative solutions to meet her need for warmth. Of course Lily, as with all great kittehs, has other facets to her personality. As a kitten, after waking us up repeatedly with sharp bites to the toes at 6 AM, Lily was diagnosed with “aggressive play” tendencies. I guess you can take the kitteh off the street but not take the street out of the kitteh. She loves to be chased around the house, spun around on the hardwood floor, and pushed around a bit. She responds with flattened ears and defiant snorts, and dishes out vigorous pummeling with her paws.  Of course, minutes later she is back stretched out on our laps in glorious repose.

I love the forepaws tucked into the heater slot!

14 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Lily

  1. I’m rather fond of “aggressive play,” myself. Sure, your hands look like you’ve been blackberrying — but it’s every bit as much fun.

    Lily’s a good looking cat, and clearly with brains and spirit to match. David, you’re lucky she chose you!



  2. Poor frozen kitteh …

    My mother’s kitteh had a heated bootie thing which he slept in as he got older, he loved it. And this was in Australia, not Maine.

    1. Thank you for the comments. Yes, Ben choose us she did. When I first picked her up at the shelter, she clung on for dear life. There was no doubt that she was the cat for us.


  3. “As a kitten, after waking us up repeatedly with sharp bites to the toes at 6 AM, Lily was diagnosed with ‘aggressive play’ tendencies.”

    And the temptation of your restless leg syndrome had nothing to do with it…?

    Congratulations to Lily & David!

    Sorry I missed this Tuesday. Keeshu has been really sick since Friday, and I spent all day with ultrasounds and treatment. She spent the night in the hospital, but she’ll be fine. I believe she thought we were getting too wealthy, and wanted to relieve us of a couple of grand.

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