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  1. Hmmm, I was rather upset that my department chair assigned me a classroom in the Business Department building for my 9 am class…..
    and yes, I am in the mathematics department…

  2. Golden showers in the ivory tower!

    “School officials had rigged the camera after discovering puddles of what they thought was urine at the professor’s door.”

    So he peed on the door more than once — enough times to prompt school officials to take action… Wow. Just wow.

  3. Mathematics is such a tooth, nail and urine discipline. Next they will bring out the slide rules, so watch carefully!

  4. Now for a limited time only …

    Math Professors Gone Wild!

    You’ve seen Girls Gone Wild and Girls Gone Really Wild but you haven’t seen wild cubed or the square root of wild or the integral of wild from Zero to O.M.G!

    “I nearly wet myself!” – graduate student, Ring Theory.

    “I did wet myself!” – associate professor remedial algebra.

    Videos available on-line. Order now and receive a complimentary discount voucher for Mathematica 8.

  5. Hey Professor Coyne I thought you were some kind of respectable serious academic professor scientist guy teaching Our Children how to compete, I’m shocked to see all this frivolity and joking and smut on a serious professor’s Web Sight or whatever you call it.

      1. Oh sure, someone writes a paper on vocal expressions of dominance among Cistothorus palustris and it’s scholarly.

        As soon as you link to a small case study on non-verbal expression of dominance, it’s smut.

        Seems kinda unfair.

        1. Ha! Nice try, bub, but Professor Coyne is no more a fan of sexist epithets than I am or than Professor Dawkins is. You may remember how the latter reacted to your little quarrel with me…

    1. If he has tenure, a case of Depends.

      If not, he has to teach the jocks and freshmen how to balance their checkbooks.

  6. The Los Angeles Times says Petrov was captured on videotape urinating on the door of another professor’s office on the San Fernando Valley campus. School officials had rigged the camera after discovering puddles of what they thought was urine at the professor’s door.

    P + D = LOL

    (P + D) x 2 = MEGALOL

  7. It’s clear that this was fueled by right-wing rhetoric. He’s probably a member of the Tea Party. Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin.

  8. From Son of Hempenstein: “I guess he never heard of piss pucking*. (you piss in a tobacco tin, freeze
    it, then slide it under the door. Instant mystery puddle)”

    *that’s puck, not puke – ed.

    1. Delayed action mystery puddle, isn’t it?

      One can think of many places such an object could be left. But why a tobacco tin (who has a tobacco tin?) and not something that releases the frozen confection (Piddle-Pop?) easily?

      1. Took me awhile to figure that tobacco can meant snuff tin. And why didn’t anyone think of that when I was an undergrad? No dorm refrgerators.

  9. Read all these comments first thing in the morning. And I’m laughing out loud before nine o’clock and after onle 1½ cups of coffee.

  10. At least at Berkeley my professors were housebroken, as far as I know.

    Perhaps this was someone unclear on the subject of Wikileaks.

  11. “dark pictures, thrones, the stones that pilgrims kiss,
    Poems that take a thousand years to die,
    But ape the immortality of this
    Red label on a little butterfly.”

    Why “red label”? Because that’s the colour that went on the type specimen for a species when he named it. Exegi monumentum aere perennius, a species name is forever 🙂

  12. So it is true:
    – Draw a peer-pendicular line to some vertical*, and chances are you will find a math professor near the cross-section.

    * As in “colleague’s door”

  13. I guess he was inspired by the “Neolithic Art Critic” from Mel Brooks’ “The History of the World”.

    I wondered if he had some apprehension towards taking his course of action: “To pee, or not to pee – that is the question. Whether it is nobler …”

    1. “…to pee, perchance to stream. Aye, there’s the rug.”

      Perhaps he was merely demonstrating a solution to the Poincare conjecture, using Ricci flows. If so, perhaps he was able to demonstrate formation of neckpinch singularities.

      I really wish they would get off their butts and figure out what causes the piss shivers.

  14. Reminds me of the Procol Harum song:

    I’ll blacken your Christmas
    And piss on your door
    You’ll cry out for mercy
    But still there’ll be more

  15. Woah, okay, I can sort of understand in a moment of anger thinking once that it was a good idea to do something so foul… but he was doing it so regularly that the university became suspicious and set up a camera?!? WTF??? That’s just weird

  16. Could have been worse. Consider what some other primates do when they’re mad at you.

    I’m glad it said this was at a state university. I had a horrid thought that Zeno might have been the victim, but he’s at a community college.

  17. This denotes the beginning of a new branch of mathematics. There is complex analysis, real analysis, functional analysis…now make way for urinalysis.

  18. Mistress Pedanté here:

    “In a display of male aggression, a California math professor was arrested for scent-marking the office door of a colleague.” The arrest might have been a display of male aggression, but I think you meant “…of a colleague in a display of male aggression.”

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