Kitteh contest: another entry

January 5, 2011 • 7:56 am

This entry comes from reader “daveau”.  The story is lovely and the photo priceless:

While we have many, many winsome photos of our cats, this is one of our favorites. It was taken in February 1998, on one of those strange 70ish degree days in Chicago (NW side). This is the first time that we let the grrrls out in the back yard. We propped open the door, and they must have stood there for quite a while, since we had time to get a camera and snap a photo. We caught them right before they headed down the steps to a brave new world. Bryxie (L) was a 5 month old British Shorthair, and Keeshu, a Birman, was almost a year. The curiosity and apprehension in their faces (yes, I’m anthropomorphising) is absolutely priceless.

Our sweet little Bryxie Pye died earlier this year from HCM, but she spent many happy years predating in the back yard. Keeshu is 13 now, and is still an adventure cat.

Yesterday daveau sent me an image of Keeshu, now 13.  She’s apparently acquired laser eyes:

23 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: another entry

  1. Cut cats!

    And don’t worry about the anthropomorphizing. We’re clearly not alone in experiencing and expressing emotion. And we’re quite adept at identifying the emotions experienced by others. You’re spot on; they’re both curious and apprehensive — though Keeshu seems more fearless than Bryxie.



  2. It’s been nearly a year since Bryxie died and there’s still a big hole in our lives that will never be filled, as many of you have also experienced. For pics of happier days, click here. For picures of Keeshu’s satanic posession this past weekend, click here.

    1. No joke.

      On Friday, I remarked to Baihu that it had been a pretty good year…and then instantly choked up as I realized that I wasn’t sharing that news with Tamar. “Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?”


    2. I just noticed the spectacular mis-spellings. Distracted by making sure the links worked, I guess. i r a gud speler IRL.

  3. Awww, what a pair of cuties! Sincere condolences for your loss.

    Bryxie’s expression is priceless; I also love how Keeshu’s distal end seems to be proceeding in a different direction from the proximal…not mention her adorable, if dignity-compromising, bobby sox.

    1. Like a slow-moving train, maybe, where the front cars have begun to move but the back cars are still stationary? I’m thinking of one of my boy’s Thomas stories… It looks to me like she was sitting down facing the direction of her back feet and she’s *just* gotten up, but at the moment the photo was taken only her front half had started to move, while her back half was still facing in the direction she’d been sitting in. Ka na?

      1. Or perhaps, being a cat, she was just thinking, “Nermal, here, steals all the attention! I’ve got to do something to make them look at me!”

        (My first comment should have read “not to mention,” of course…)

      2. Yes. I think they both just started to move when I took the picture. She may have been sitting, but I don’t remember. It’s been 13 years. She’s not normally all crooked.

        Or maybe it’s one of those camera shutter distortion dealies where she is moving so fast that it distorts.; like an airplane propeller…

        1. I used a Takahashi FSQ-106ED refractor on EM-10 mount, Canon 5D mark II. 1/5000s exposure at 100 iso… No, wait! 35mm point & shoot.

    1. Well, the contest is closed, but if you want to submit a kitteh for consideration, send a lovely photo of the beast, and a paragraph of no more than 250 words, to me at my work email address (easily found by Googling on the web). There are no guarantees that it’ll be published here, and it’s too late to win a book, but how could I reject a cat story?

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